As Heard on 'Glee': The Pain in Rachel and Artie's Faces While Singing
As Heard on 'Glee': The Pain in Rachel and Artie's Faces While Singing
Picking the best performance from last night's Glee was hard. There were a lot that checked every item on the list: strong vocals, good visuals and an slight emotional tug. Then again, with songs about dreams and achieving them, what else do you expect? At least Glee didn't go the cheesy route. Or at least that's what I think. Here's my take on the six songs performed this week. Hopefully it doesn't sound cheesy, either.

"Daydream Believer"
Originally by the Monkees
Glee-fied by Neil Patrick Harris


Yes, Neil does get a little solo, and it was cool seeing him singing more comfortably (which is precisely why I liked "Piano Man" more). Again, it's too short, but it's just an establishing scene, so I don't have complaints.

"Piano Man"

Originally by Billy Joel
Glee-fied by Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris


I think this is the better Will/Bryan duet. It's fond, it's simple and it's quite poignant, fitting the scene well. That, and the way Bryan tried to upstage Will was funny. Only problem? It was too short.

"Dream On"
Originally by Aerosmith
Glee-fied by Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris


Danny Gokey who? At least the screams here work better. Good set-up, nice built, good climax, but the whole thing felt a little contrived. Or maybe that is the point. The screaming bit still got me shaking, though.

"The Safety Dance"
Originally by Men Without Hats
Glee-fied by Kevin McHale


First, I liked the way they integrated Kevin McHale's boy band past, giving him a fantasy dance sequence even if Artie's wheelchair-bound. Second, I liked his voice here--there's a certain cool quality he brings to everything, don't you think? Third, I liked the way Joss Whedon gave this number the flash mob treatment, complete with handycam footage and all that. This is a fun watch, and I'll never tire of this.

"I Dreamed A Dream"
From the musical Les Miserables
-fied by Idina Menzel and Lea Michele


Arguably the night's best performance, solely because it gives chills, chills, chills. I don't mind Rachel's pained face. The idea of having two Broadway vets who look a lot like each other, singing a pretty powerful song, is just right for me.

"Dream A Little Dream Of Me"
Originally by the Mamas and the Papas
Glee-fied by Kevin McHale


This has to be a close second. Artie singing his heart out, watching girlfriend Tina tap dance with Mike, feeling sad that he can't do the dancing himself... yeowch, my heart. Again, Kevin McHale's vocals do the trick for me here. More! More! More!

(Images courtesy of Fox)