As Heard on 'Glee': Soul-Exposing Songs Can Do No Harm (Mostly)
As Heard on 'Glee': Soul-Exposing Songs Can Do No Harm (Mostly)
While it seemed Glee was taking a breather this week, the number of songs suggest otherwise. Seven songs! Well, six, if you don't count the comic value of a mangled "The Climb." Thankfully, unlike last week, this week's songs were better (again, I'm not counting "The Climb") and I can pick out at least one highlight. Which one? The following paragraphs should give a clue...

"The Climb"
Originally by Miley Cyrus
Glee-fied (and ruined?) by Lea Michele


How do you review a performance that's intentionally bad? You don't. But I've got to say it's funny watching Lea Michele sing badly. Not that I want her to.

"Jessie's Girl"
Originally by Rick Springfield
Glee-fied by Cory Monteith


When I heard that Jonathan Groff is playing a character named Jesse, I first thought of this song. I thought Finn should perform it, as he longs for Rachel's affections again. Apparently the Glee folks are one step ahead of me: they had Finn sing this in front of her! It's another good performance from Cory Monteith. It helps that he seems more comfortable with the classic rock stuff.

"The Lady is a Tramp"
From the musical Babes in Arms
-fied by Mark Salling and Amber Riley


Mark Salling gets another solo this week, and I liked this more than last week's "Run Joey Run". Who would've thought he does R&B so well? I particularly liked the moment Mercedes joined in: you can see the joy in her face as she danced with Puck. Well played, badass boy.

"Pink Houses"
Originally by John Cougar Mellencamp
Glee-fied by Chris Colfer


I've always found Chris Colfer singing more, uhh, manly songs awkward--that explains why I'm not so fond of "4 Minutes"--but "Pink Houses" seems to serve as a parody more than anything. Hearing Kurt growl through a song I remember hearing in the news was quite... funny.

"The Boy is Mine"
Originally by Brandy and Monica
Glee-fied by Amber Riley and Naya Rivera


I have a confession to make: Naya Rivera is my new favorite Glee singer. After pulling off a solo in "The Power of Madonna", she continues her onslaught with a spot-on take on "The Boy is Mine". Yes, I know, Amber Riley does well here, but we know what she can do now, so you can't blame me for looking the other way...

"Rose's Turn"
From the musical Gypsy
Glee-fied by Chris Colfer


Arguably the night's big number. It's amazing, it's breathtaking and it leaves you looking for more. Maybe it's the effect of Kurt's awkward manning up, but seeing him back in his element--and in strong form--is quite a pay-off. And they couldn't have chosen a better song.

Originally by U2
Glee-fied by New Directions and Zach Weinstein


On one side, it's a fairly good Glee take on a song, taking care of the Mary J. Blige arrangement (to accommodate the ladies) and giving it their usual spin. My only gripe with this is that the song felt forced into the episode, possibly the side effect of the entire Rachel-and-Sean storyline feeling forced, too. The intentions are great, but the implementation, not so...

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