As Heard on 'Glee': (Mostly) Small-Scale Theatricality
As Heard on 'Glee': (Mostly) Small-Scale Theatricality
I'm a little torn about the songs from last night's Glee. I guess I was spoiled from the offerings the past two weeks, to the point that I feel a bit, err, underwhelmed by this batch. (Or was it the American Idol finale? I don't know.) Still, they've done a pretty good job working the hell out of Lady Gaga's little oeuvre, and I still have my favorites, which means we still have something to write about!

"Funny Girl"
Originally performed by Barbra Streisand
Glee-fied by Idina Menzel


I never thought we'd get an Idina Menzel solo, but here we go. She's in top form, being the very thing we love about her -- and that's coming from me, a guy who hasn't really heard much of her until Glee. It fits just right with Rachel's you're-my-mother! realization.

"Bad Romance"
Originally performed by Lady Gaga
Glee-fied by Chris Colfer and the ladies of New Directions


My only problem with "Bad Romance" is that it sounds too much like the original. Apart from the changed lyrics, it seemed they weren't really singing, but were rather showing off the costumes. Makes sense, but I wanted more.

"Shout It Out Loud"
Originally performed by KISS
Glee-fied by the guys of New Directions


There's only one word that sums this performance up, and it's from Will Schuester:

Originally performed by KISS
Glee-fied by Mark Salling and the guys of New Directions


It's still my favorite performance, but not because of Quinn's I'm-gonna-cry face: it's because we get to hear Mark Salling sing again. I know he's got the inner rock star going, but as proven last week, he's quite the versatile vocalist. And this song fits well with his heart-melting tendencies: you can smell the sincerity from miles away. (Which makes me wonder: how did Finn feel while singing this?)

"Poker Face"
Originally performed by Lady Gaga
Glee-fied by Lea Michele and Idina Menzel


A Broadway version of "Poker Face"? The verdict is still out on that. But this version has a certain quirkiness that makes it an interesting cover, one that would probably sit well with Lady Gaga's theatrical style. That, and there are two Broadway vets singing again. I loved their facial expressions.

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