As Heard on 'Glee': Giving 'Hello' That Extra Oomph
As Heard on 'Glee': Giving 'Hello' That Extra Oomph
A new episode of Glee means, well, new songs! Last night's songs focused on the power of "hello" (or, in Rachel's case, the power of "hell") and they were a pretty good bunch--in part because we all got a boost in talent. I'm excited to see what else Jonathan Groff can give. An extra rocker edge, perhaps? That little oomph? That said, I'm glad to hear new songs, and I'm not disappointed. Cue my attempts to be Simon Cowell to this latest bunch.

"Hello, I Love You"
Originally performed by the Doors
Glee-fied by Cory Monteith


I've never been a fan of Cory's vocals, but this is a surprisingly good song from him. Yes, he's still a bit Autotuned, but it isn't that obvious with this performance, and there's just enough swagger to convince me that he's embracing his inner rock star.

"Gives You Hell"
Originally performed by All-American Rejects
Glee-fied by Lea Michele and the rest of New Directions


The problem with having Lea Michele sing everything is this: sometimes the Glee-fied versions sound a bit weird. Imagine a soaring voice doing one of those common pop-rock-emo tracks? No, I'm not complaining...

Originally performed by Lionel Richie
Glee-fied by Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele


I said it last night and I'll say it again: this performance benefits from chemistry, vocal talent and chemistry. For an episode that's about introductions, this was a pretty good "hello" to the potential of the Rachel-Jesse romance. Also helps that both Jonathan and Lea worked together in similar roles...

"Highway to Hell"

Originally performed by AC/DC
Glee-fied by Jonathan Groff and the rest of Vocal Adrenaline


This song serves mostly as an introduction to Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline's murderous ways. Fire! Fire! Works just fine for me--the vocals are intimidating. Enough reason for Finn to wet his pants or something. Do a Jessica Simpson?

"Hello, Goodbye"
Originally performed by the Beatles
Glee-fied by New Directions


I thought this song would become the "Don't Stop Believin'" of the next nine episodes, thanks to the huge amount of airplay it got from all those promos. It's a good classic song but it doesn't quite work for me... because I've been paying attention to the drama. And that, I think, is a good thing.

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