As Heard on 'Glee': Beyonce, Big Hits and Big Dreams
As Heard on 'Glee': Beyonce, Big Hits and Big Dreams
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last night's Glee season 2 premiere actually stuck pretty close to Will Schuester's song selection formula: "25% show tunes, 25% hip hop, 25% classic rock." (With that last 25% reserved for all things pop.) 

Add it all up and what do you get? "100% gay," according to Jacob. Yes, Jacob, if by 100% gay, you mean 100% awesome.

Last night's kick-off episode, "Audition," was all about introducing us to the season's new voices, Sam and Sunshine, while reminding us just how spectacular Lea Michele's still is. What the premiere playlist didn't do is shove a theme down our throats. Instead, we got a grab bag of big hits from this year, showtunes and one epic Dreamgirls ballad.

"Empire State of Mind"
Originally performed by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
Glee-ified by the Glee club

glee1-empirestofmind-1.jpgThe Gleeks kicked off the new season with the biggest hit of the year, and Artie, Finn and Puck took turns rapping while Mercedes and Rachel, backed by the group, mightily covered Alicia Keys' gorgeous chorus notes. It was a great, exuberant way to reintroduce us all to our old friends, and reminded me just how much range this troupe of talented kids really has.

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"
Originally performed by Bret Michaels and the boys of Poison
Glee-ified by Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet)

glee1-sam-everyrose.jpgNaked Sam stripped down this Poison hit to just his sweet voice, and even though he was just goofing around in the shower, I still liked it more than when Miley Cyrus covered it. Actually, that might have a lot to do with the shower.

"Getting to Know You"

Originally performed in The King and I
Glee-ified by Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz)

glee1-mikechang-ABS.jpgTina only got through a couple lines of this classic Broadway song before using her mouth to attack Mike Chang. But with abs like that, can you blame her?


Originally performed by Lady Gaga and Beyonce
Glee-ified by Rachel (Lea Michele) and Sunshine (Charice)

glee1-rachel-sunshine-telephone3.jpgThe Glee powers that be chose the perfect diva-off song to showcase the well-matched voices of Rachel Berry and Sunshine Corazon. If you were able to get over any questions about how these two could autotune themselves in the girls' bathroom, you probably said the same thing Sunshine did when it was over: "That was fun!"

Originally performed by Travis McCoy
Glee-ified by Sam and the boys of New Directions

glee1-sam-billionaire.jpgSorry Travis McCoy, but I think Sam just sang your song better than you did. Good luck becoming a "Billionaire" when his version gets more iTunes downloads than yours did.

Originally performed by Beyonce Knowles in Dreamgirls
Glee-ified by Sunshine Corazon

glee1-sunshine-listen.jpgTiny girl + Big, booming voice + Gorgeous Beyonce song = We all listened. And I, for one, got chills.

"What I Did For Love"
Originally performed in A Chorus Line
Glee-ified by Rachel

It's a real testament to the power of Lea Michele's voice that we can still recognize and appreciate her beautiful performance of this song while also laughing that her character Rachel turned into a love song to herself. I guess when you can sing like that, self-love is justified, huh?

What did you think of last night's songs? Favorites and least favorites?

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