A Random 'Glee' Question to Kill Time: When Will Sue and Terri Sing?
A Random 'Glee' Question to Kill Time: When Will Sue and Terri Sing?
Hello there, gleeks.  We're one week into the three-week Glee break.  How are we coping?

Me, I'd like to think I'm doing just fine.  I don't really watch baseball so it was weird watching something else on television on a Wednesday night, never mind that it's A-Rod who's playing.  ("Hey, A-Rach!"  Gah.)  Not that I'm having terrible withdrawal: it's just hard getting used to not seeing any video clips for upcoming episodes online, or seeing a lot of talk about which songs get sung by whom.

More or less, most of the Glee cast have sung on the show, or are set to get their own time on the singing spotlight--with what we know about November 11's "Wheels", surely Artie and Kurt get to sing solos.  So far, only two characters are left without a song in their hearts: Sue Sylvester and Terri Schuester.

So, I wondered, when will they sing?

I imagine Terri singing a song when everything breaks apart for her.  Say, Will found out about the fake pregnancy, and by some slightly expected twist of fate, he finally ends up with Emma, who called off the wedding with Ken.  Sure, I know you all want to see that.  Maybe it's a good opportunity for a role reversal--maybe Terri should sing "All By Myself" inside her car on a rainy day?

As for Sue, well, I honestly can't tell.  We love her lethal liners, and that's what she is made to do ("and that's how Sue sees it!") but I remembered reading something about Jane Lynch and finding out that she was part of her high school's glee club.  Sure, we know her for her comedy and those liners, but she can sing, and I want to see that.  But I can't think of a situation which will compel her to sing.  Sectionals?  Regionals?  The Cheerios missing Nationals?  Maybe a vitriol-filled song towards the guy with the store-bought perm?

But she's been showing her soft side lately, and it seems we'll see more of it in two weeks' time, so maybe that's when she sings, right?  Man, I still can't imagine.

So, fellow gleeks, I pose a couple of questions to keep us busy for the next week or so.  What situation will make Terri and Sue sing?  And what songs should they sing, if ever?  I don't know why I laugh when I imagine Sue singing an angry song--if she gets dumped, Linkin Park!--but, you know, anything is possible in Glee, as we've seen in the past eight episodes.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist