9 of TV's Funniest Drunken Escapades
9 of TV's Funniest Drunken Escapades
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Ahhh, St. Patrick's Day. The day we all celebrate Irish heritage by eating corned beef and cabbage, wearing green, kissing gingers and ... getting monumentally, masochistically, merrily, magnificently TRASHED.

Maybe because they've got so many good "This one time, when I was wasted..." stories, or maybe because watching drunk people is just so funnyyyyy, TV comedy writers love to get their characters drunk and let them wreak havoc. And we love watching them do it!

So warm up for your own epic drinking adventure tonight with these 9 hilarious drunken escapades from recent TV past. Or use them as a warning to regulate your own behavior this evening. Your choice!

The Office: "Moroccan Christmas Party"
Let's start out with the best party drink of all time, courtesy of Michael Scott. Unfortunately, I could not find the video of Meredith accidentally catching her hair on fire as a result of drinking too much of Michael's special "One of Everything," but it's safe to say, of all Meredith's drunken antics, that was probably the worst. (Or BEST?)

"The One in Vegas" / "The One After Vegas"

Everyone remembers that Ross and Rachel got married when they were black-out drunk in Vegas, and the all too sobering hangover that followed. But the drunken card games and conversations that led to that were even funnier. For some reason Rachel's response to Joey's "How YOU doin'?" with "I'm doin' good, baby!" still gets me. (Youtube won't allow me to embed this video, but here it is!)

Parks and Recreation: "Flu Season"
Technically she was drunk (and high) on flu meds, but Leslie showed all the classic signs of having too good of a time on the sauce: Thinking your pants are a scarf. Believing the cab displays its cost in hieroglyphics. Telling people your last name is "Monster." OK, maybe not the classic signs. But the classically hilarious ones.

Party Down: "James Rolf 20th High School Reunion"

When Ron decided to cater his own reunion, he thought he'd finally get the respect he deserved, and even a shot at the former class president. Instead, in the ultimate Ron humiliation moment, "Bluto" ended up getting wasted on his old trick (chugging a fifth) and shooting his vomit all over her shoes.

Community: "Communication Studies"
After Britta drunk dialed Jeff, Abed decided to help him even the score with his own drunk dial. The two-man party that proceeded was so insane that it actually broke Abed's brain. (Epic party montage begins around 3:30)

How I Met Your Mother
: "The Pineapple Incident"

There have been a lot of drunken escapades in the history of HIMYM, but the one that lives in infamy is the legen ... (wait for it) DARY tale of Ted's "pineapple incident." After taking five shots of "Red Dragon" on a dare, Ted blacked the eff out and went on a solo adventure he couldn't remember, but which left him with a couple bizarre calling cards: A burnt jacket, a sprained ankle and a pineapple on his nightstand.

Glee: "Blame It On the Alcohol"

Rachel's party looked like it was going to be one for the lame books, but the scene quickly turned into one of Glee's funniest and most endearing scenes ever, as the girls became all the different drunk girl stereotypes, Blaine got his drunken dance on, and pretty much everything Rachel did and said was hilarious. ("IT TASTES LIKE PIIIIINK!")

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention"

There have been so many insane alcohol-fueled storylines on It's Always Sunny that it's impossible to choose just one as the all-out best. It's essentially the premise of the entire show. But one episode that always sticks out in our minds is "Intervention," which brought in a straight man (an addiction therapist) as a foil for just how drunken and depraved the group had become. From Frank's crazed antics at his brother-in-law's funeral, to banging "Gail the Snail," to the wine in soda cans, this whole episode was a manic, hilarious mess.

30 Rock: Episode 2.10
The untitled episode in which Liz Lemon got wasted alone, repeatedly drunk dialed the co-op board and sang Alanis Morrisette into her empty wine bottle microphone. It was brilliant, obviously.

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Have a favorite drunken TV moment that we didn't mention? Share it in the comments! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! May you not embarrass yourself too badly--and if you do, may it not get caught on film and posted on Youtube.

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