5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Watch 'Glee'
I know you've probably heard a lot about Glee in the past couple months. Maybe you heard about it in May when FOX decided to air the pilot episode after the finale of American Idol. That was weird, right? I mean, what network wants to air the first episode of a television show and then ask its audience to wait months and months until the next episode? What kind of audience can you garner with a move like that? Maybe you heard about it after the iTunes sales of the singles from said pilot skyrocketed. Here are these professionally recorded songs from a TV show, ready to be purchased days after the episode aired. And the wonderful thing is that they're really good.

Now I know what you're thinking: It's a musical. You don't do musicals. Maybe you're a dude (doooood!) who wouldn't be caught dead watching a singing, dancing piece of joy. I ask you to suspend that hegemonic mentality for a second and hear me out. Glee is more than just a musical... it's an awesome musical. But it's even more than that. To explain this, I've laid out the key reasons why you should give Glee a chance. I'm doing this for you, so pay attention.

1. Glee roots for the underdog

Much like Freaks and Geeks, Glee makes you really like the nerds. Rachel Berry, played by the incredibly talented Lea Michele, is anything but popular; she's just a girl with big dreams. High School is a small pit stop on her road to fame. Will Schuester is just a teacher trying to live out his glory days. Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Artie are all just kids looking for somewhere to fit in. The formation of the glee club is the formation of their niche. A place where they belong. When star quarterback Finn Hudson decides to join, their quiet paradise is thrown into the spotlight. As Finn gets pulled between his two worlds, you're rooting, wholeheartedly, for the underdogs.

2. Glee makes singing look as exciting as a football game

The intensity these characters sing with is staggering. When they belt it out, they belt it out. Hard. If you like Friday Night Lights' stylistic games in each episode, you'll love these stylized routines. It's not just singing and dancing, it's pure power and emotion. And fun. It's always fun. Check out Mercedes, played by the soulful and strong Amber Riley, belt out "Bust Your Windows."

Now was that not as intense as a rough and tumble game of football?

3. It's daringly funny

What is daringly funny, you might ask? Let's just say that I was surprised a lot of the jokes in the second episode go past the censors. As Cory Monteith said, "It's like High School Musical got punched in the stomach and got its lunch money stolen." It's not your Disney wholesome fun. It's the type where you say to yourself, "Oh no they didn't!?! Oh, yes they did!" I've been to screenings before and I wouldn't hesitate to say that the screening of "Showmance" at Comic-Con was the most successful one I've ever seen. The audience was collectively hunched over with laughter for the full 45 minutes. Someone told me they weren't impressed with the jokes of the pilot episode and, although I disagree, I know the second episode is way better than the first.

4. It's indescribable

I know I'm on point four and I've been talking about Glee for quite some time now, but still, i can't really put my finger on the brilliance. I experience this same problem with Veronica Mars; no matter how hard I tried to explain it, I couldn't get anyone thinking it'd be an awesome show unless I got them to watch the first four episodes. It's witty, it's sweet, it's different, and it's joyous. None of those words really mean anything to the average viewer. And since I can't describe it, just watch it for yourself. Right here. Right now. Below:

Or, download the episode for free on iTunes.

5. It's not just a musical... it's an awesome musical

I know I've already said this but, it's true. The music is to. die. for. Not only that, but they sing current pieces and older pieces. Matthew Morrison even raps a bit in the second episode. You probably won't like every song, but there's something included for everyone. Kayne to Rihanna. Journey to Barbra Steisand. If you don't believe me, check out their first single, "Don't Stop Believing."

Here's FOX's promo number 3 where you can see a bit of Matthew Morrison rapping:

So, are you convinced yet? Did you watch the pilot? Do you love it? Do you like it enough to trust me on episode two and give it a shot? Tune in to FOX, September 9th, at 9pm. Seriously, do it.

- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of FOX)