5 Other 'Glee Project' Contestants Who Should Get Roles on 'Glee'
5 Other 'Glee Project' Contestants Who Should Get Roles on 'Glee'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Glee Project has turned into a goldmine of talent for Glee. Not only did all four finalists from season 1 land roles on the show (with Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell still around), but season 2 winner Blake Jenner is now joined by one of the two runners-up during his season, Ali Stroker.

Yes, Stroker, the chipper girl in a wheelchair from The Glee Project season 2 who lost to Jenner in the finale, will appear at Will and Emma's big wedding in "I Do" as Emma's niece, Betty, who sets her eyes on Artie.

This marks the sixth Glee Project contestant to appear on Glee, which makes me wonder why they don't use even more. It's obvious that winning might be important, but it doesn't ultimately matter. Heck, Newell lost to Damian McGinty in season 1, yet he has undoubtedly had the bigger and more lasting role. Like American Idol, sometimes the losers go on to have better careers.

With that in mind, here are five other losers (none of whom are American Idol reject Matheus Fernandes) who I'd like to see pop up on Glee.

Aylin Bayramoglu

Ryan Murphy repeatedly expressed his desire to do a Muslim storyline with Aylin, so it's about time she got the chance to finally make that dream a reality. She could be the sassy new Muslim student at McKinley who goes to war with Kitty, only to find out that they're actually very similar in personality despite their differing religions.

Cameron Mitchell

OK, I know Cameron quit season 1 of The Glee Project because he wasn't comfortable kissing on camera, but maybe the show could give him a second chance. He could play Doug "Doggie" Wilde, Kitty's shy, nerdy, polite twin brother. She would be ashamed of him, but slowly learning to accept her own brother despite the fact that he's a loser might make her more kind to everyone else.

Lily Mae Harrington

This vivacious season 2 contestant would be perfect as a girl in Marley's body image support group (assuming they ever get back to the whole bulimia thing). They could become friends and teach each other to accept who they are.

Michael Weisman

Michael was pretty talented and great during season 2 and could play a bunch of different roles. But I could actually see him as Blaine's first boyfriend, the one he went to the Sadie Hawkins Dance with from his original high school. That's a character it would be interesting to see again because it's someone who could actually pose a realistic threat to Kurt and Blaine's possible reunion, unlike the Adam's Apples dude or Tina.

Nellie Veitenheimer

Nellie lacked confidence on The Glee Project, which was crazy since she was absolutely amazing when she wasn't getting in her own way. She also had sizzling chemistry with Blake Jenner, so Nellie could definitely pop up as a potential love interest for Ryder. Maybe she could be his tutor or even another student with dyslexia he meets at the dyslexia specialist he's theoretically still going to.

What other Glee Project contestants would you like to see turn up on Glee?

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