5 'Glee' Theme Week Ideas for Season 3
5 'Glee' Theme Week Ideas for Season 3
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Glee's second season is almost done, but it's never too early to look ahead. This year the show has done a number of special theme weeks, from Britney Spears and Fleetwood Mac to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and original songs.

What new themes or special episodes should Glee do for season 3? I've got five solid ideas that I think could result in some instant classic episodes.

A Very Glee Hanukkah

In season 2 the gang celebrated Christmas, but since Puck and Rachel love representing hot Jews everywhere, why not a Hanukkah episode? I realize there aren't a whole lot of songs associated with this holiday, but at the very least, Jacob Ben Israel could sing "The Dreidel Song," because that would be hilarious and awesome.

The Songs of Mika

Both musically and lyrically, the songs of British pop singer Mika seem like a logical fit with Glee, so I'm stunned they haven't used his work before. But I think it's so good it deserves its own episode. Kurt could easily pull off a killer rendition of "Grace Kelly," Puck could team up with Lauren and Mercedes for "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" and New Directions could close it out with a group version of "Love Today" or "We Are Golden." If you aren't familiar with Mika or any of these songs, check them out because they're ridiculously good and lend themselves very well to a cappella or show choir performances.

A Puppet Episode

They wouldn't have to sing the songs of the musical Avenue Q, but maybe the show could take a cue from the hit Tony-winning show and feature puppets. Imagine if all the gleeks carried puppets of themselves and used them to communicate. It would be weird and kind of cool.

TV Theme Songs

As a huge TV nerd, I always want TV theme songs to be used as actual music. Glee could get a little meta by honoring television with versions of some classic themes. If you aren't on board, try imagining Puck and Finn singing "Thank You for Being a Friend" from The Golden Girls to each other. Now I've officially convinced you this would be an awesome idea.

Country Music

Glee never really tackles country music, but if the show wants to take a stab at being culturally inclusive, it could do an all country week. I imagine the episode would start with Kurt not liking it or wanting to do it, but eventually he and the others could learn to accept country music. It would be a very special episode about how tolerance isn't just a one-way street and that even though more liberal students might not like country music, some of it is pretty darn good.

What musical artists or special episode themes would you like to see from Glee in season 3?

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