'Girlfriends' Episode Preview and Spoilers
'Girlfriends' Episode Preview and Spoilers
Tonight's episode of the CW's long-running sitcom, Girlfriends, will have the ladies facing their own personal troubles, with Maya dealing with her new book and second pregnancy and Joan trying to rent out her apartment.

Coming down with a serious case of writer's block and being unable to finish her latest book, Maya (Golden Brooks) attempts to avoid calls from her publisher. Later, she learns that her pregnancy is at risk, but does not listen to her doctor's orders to keep off her feet.  Meanwhile, Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) is experiencing difficulty renting her apartment to Lynn (Persia White) and William (Reggie Hayes), as Monica (Keesha Sharp) begins to discover differences in their relationship.

The episode, entitled “Losing It,” was directed by Millicent Shelton and written by Mark Alton Brown and Dee Laduke.  Khalil Kain, who plays Maya's husband Darnell Wilkes, also appears in the episode.

Maya's refusal to comply with her doctor's orders in tonight's episode of Girlfriends certainly puts her baby's life at risk.  To find out how Maya's careless behavior affects her pregnancy, read on for spoilers.

Unfortunately, Maya ends up having a miscarriage. On next week's episode, called "Good Grief," Joan and Lynn are worried that Maya is denial and not grieving properly over the loss of her baby.  On the other hand, Maya suspects Darnell of blaming her for the miscarriage.  Meanwhile, Joan tries her best to convince Lynn to finally open up a bank account.

Spoiler TV is also reporting that Monica and William will be preparing for their first dinner party in this episode, which was written by Prentice Penny and directed, once again, by Millicent Shelton.

Girlfriends is a multi-award winning comedy series that debuted on the small screen in 2000.  It revolves around the lives of African-American women living in Los Angeles, California. Throughout its run, it has hosted a myriad of special guest stars, including Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), Wayne Brady (Don't Forget the Lyrics), Kelly Rowland, Laila Ali (Dancing with the Stars), Sinbad, Shar Jackson (Celebrity Rap Superstar), Master P., and Danny Bonaduce (Breaking Bonaduce).

Girlfriends airs Monday nights on the CW.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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