'Suits' Producer Gene Klein on What to Expect in Season 2
'Suits' Producer Gene Klein on What to Expect in Season 2
Suits fans, it's time to get excited for season 2 (if you're somehow not already!). Next Thursday, we return to Pearson Hardman to see what happened after that cliffhanger. But if you just can't wait, we recently paid a visit to the Suits set, and producer Gene Klein shared some scoop with us!
"The answer to that question is really inside [series creator] Aaron Korsh's head," he said when asked if season one was always supposed to end with Trevor (Tom Lipinski) revealing Mike's (Patrick J. Adams) secret to boss Jessica (Gina Torres). "I know the writers debated lots of alternatives, but what we ended up doing seemed to be exactly what he had in his head the whole time.

"I thought it was great, because there's only so long you can do that tap dance of 'When is
someone going to find out?' And really, at the end of the day we've let one person in on the secret. There are still many, many more that we we can let in. So we've let the cat out of the bag a little bit but I think in a very honest way and it still leaves a lot of places for us to go. Personally, as a viewer of the show, I'm looking forward to the day when Rachel finds out."

So where does the show go from here? "The biggest idea, that we've talked about since the beginning of the show, has been Mike's journey, because the pilot is his point of view and so much of what happens in the firm you see through his eyes," Klein explained. "I think the question [is] for Mike what's going to happen to him, because you know so much about the backstory, you're invested in how exactly is this going to work out for him.

"For Harvey, because of the kind of guy that he is, you don't really question whether things are going to work out for Harvey or not. It seems on the face of it that things always work out for Harvey. For the most part I think what you wonder about Harvey is what made him this way and I think that's the fun.

"So going forward, I think you will find out a lot about the relationship, but the essence is what's going to happen to Mike and how did Harvey get to be Harvey."

He did give us one hint as to how some of that information will come out: "Let me say you get glimpses into the past for both Harvey and Mike."

Klein also took some time to reflect on why Suits has been another successful original series for USA. "One of the things that I think is great about the show is that everybody has a favorite character," he said. "I think a lot of successful shows, if it's a single lead show, you either like that guy or you don't like that guy. But with this group of people that we have, there's people who watch the show for Harvey, there's people who watch the show for Mike, there are people who watch the show for Louis.

"One of the great things about this season," he added,  "is that season one was about Harvey and Mike, it needed to be. And [in] season two [you] add everybody. It's becoming the ensemble that's really fun to watch."

Suits returns one week from today, June 14, at 10pm on USA.

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