'Suits' Interview: Gina Torres Talks About Changes Coming for Jessica
'Suits' Interview: Gina Torres Talks About Changes Coming for Jessica
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Of all the high-powered lawyers in USA's Suits, Jessica Pearson -- played by Gina Torres (Firefly) -- wields the most power. And she might just know Mike's big secret. We spoke to Gina Torres on a recent visit to the set of Suits. Check out what she had to say here!

How would Jessica react if she learned that Harvey and Mike had lied to her?

Gina Torres: I'm of the opinion that she's angry that they put the firm in jeopardy. I mean, this is her life's work. This is her baby. All that we know of Jessica is that she is very driven and that she dedicated herself to this firm. Her name is on the letterhead, is on the door. And so it is a direct reflection of her. And this coming from somebody that she trusts [meaning Harvey] is a big blow.

How does Jessica feel about Mike and how would she react to news about him?

Gina Torres: I think she just really wants to know what his value is. And she's also not someone who will show her cards so easily. She doesn't know Mike. So there's no reason for her to let Mike in on how she's feeling really.

Is there any way that Mike could win over Jessica?

Gina Torres: I believe one of Jessica's strong suits is that it's very clear that her respect has to be earned. She's not just taking on anybody on the whim. There's too much at stake. You know, the stakes have been established as being very high this season.

Will we get to know a little bit more about Jessica in Suits season 2?

Gina Torres: I hope so. I hope so. That's always my hope. I think, like any good television series, like any good show that's written well, you know there's a slow reveal. Once we understand that we hooked you, we don't want to give it all away.

There's another layer that is revealed of Jessica. You see a little bit more of her interior life, and so you can only hope that more that is exposed as the season goes on.

Is there any chance of a glimpse into Jessica's personal life in Suits season 2?

Gina Torres: Wouldn't that be great? She's in the office all the time. You know, I jokingly, on one of the red carpets last season, I joked that maybe it was this season that Jessica was finally going to get some. [laughs] And hey, she's tense.

It's got to be worth it. You know it's got to be somebody good. I mean, you don't want her -- I don't think anybody would buy it if Jessica had somebody just kind of show up.

Daniel Hardman -- the other half of Pearson Hardman -- is coming into the show this season. How is that going to play out over the course of season 2?

Gina Torres: Son of a pig...

Well, I really can't tell you much about that. But nice try. This speaks to what I was talking about earlier.. You know we do get to see a different part of Jessica. We did get to see her shaken up a little bit [by Hardman's return]. There's a white-hot spotlight on her at the moment, and there's a lot going on. So we'll see. I mean, and I am not so much being coy as I honestly don't know. We haven't gotten to the end yet.

How will Hardman's return to the firm affect Jessica?

Gina Torres: I like to think of Jessica, in the first season, as being, you know, large, in charge, in control and kind of happy-go-lucky. This is her domain. She just struts down this hallway, and she's invulnerable. And now we start to see the little chinks in the armor and the scars. And any woman who gets to that office -- any person who gets to that office -- has some battle scars and has some bodies buried in places. It would be ridiculous not to think so, and so Hardman's reappearance I think speaks to battles along the way.

Suits season 2 premieres on Thursday, June 14 at 10pm on USA.

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