Love Notes: Talk it Out
Love Notes: Talk it Out
So I re-learned a lesson this week on Gilmore Girls.  Having always been told to use words in tough situations, it was advice that seemed obvious.  But what do you do in a situation where you are already talking but just not saying the right things?

On tonight’s episode of Gilmore Girls we got to see the progression of many relationships.  Lorelai and Luke rekindled their banter, Sookie and Jackson communicated their own realities, Paris and Doyle split and rejoined and I think Rory had Logan on her mind most of the episode.  In each of these relationships, it was saying the right thing or the right word in the right way that brought things into a new light.

Lorelai knew that it was going to be awkward between her and Luke but I don’t think anyone could have predicted it would go as far as a “warm weather” discussion.  Partly the awkwardness was due to the fact that their friendship was tainted by their love relationship and Lorelai’s subsequent relationship but it was also partly the fault of each of them because they didn’t really talk to each other until they got mad and let it all hang out.  Witty banter was their thing and they were too busy talking around each other and trying to be PC to actually communicate the way they always had.  So they finally got back to a solid ground.  Instead of tiptoeing around they just dove right in.  Kudos to them both.

Sookie was being a complete jerk to Jackson during the beginning of the episode.  Her anger was masked behind her severe criticism of Jackson.  She treated him like she would one of her two, soon to be three, children.  When she finally came out and said that she was angry, they actually understood each other better.

While I often find Paris ridiculous, it was brave of her to choose her career over Doyle.  That being said, it wasn’t what she really wanted.  Since Doyle is normally a push over I didn’t expect much from him and was pleasantly surprised when he decided not to break up with Paris. 

Despite the fact that Logan (sigh) wasn’t physically in the episode at all, he seemed to be in Rory’s thoughts especially after Paris said her piece about choosing a career over love.  Are these the thoughts that will lead Rory to say no to Logan’s proposal that we’ve been hearing so much about?  Can’t she have her career and Logan too?  They just need to talk it out.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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