'Gilmore Girls' Series DVD to Be Released in November
'Gilmore Girls' Series DVD to Be Released in November
Fans of the recently canceled CW series, Gilmore Girls, will have the chance to go through all seven seasons again when the complete series DVD comes out in November.

The massive DVD set contains 42 discs, throughout which all 153 episodes have been spread.  It also includes several hours' worth of bonus features, an episode guide with pictures and an all-new and complete “Gilmoreisms” booklet.

The Gilmore Girls- Complete Series DVD will be sold in a custom-made doll case.  It has been priced at $258.82 and will be available on November 13.

Fans who are only looking to purchase the Gilmore Girls' final season DVD will also have to wait until November, as Warner Bros. has decided to release the complete seventh season DVD on the same day as the complete series DVD.  The same strategy was used by the production company in releasing the DVDs for such hit shows as The West Wing and Full House.

The seventh and final season DVD contains all 22 episodes, which have been spread throughout six discs.  Features include 2 new behind-the-scenes featurettes.  The suggested retail price for the DVD is $59.98.

The upcoming Gilmore Girls DVDs have the same technical aspects, with the exception of available subtitles.

The series finale of Gilmore Girls aired in May, with its central characters, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) preparing for Rory's work-related departure from Stars Hollow.  At the end of the episode, mother and daughter were seen having breakfast at Luke's (Scott Patterson) diner, chatting lightheartedly and savoring their last moments together before Rory's trip.

Creator Amy-Sherman Palladino declined from watching the series finale.  Having left the series before the final season, Sherman-Palladino told reporters at the TCA press tour that she had envisioned a different ending for Gilmore Girls.  As a result, she talked of a possible made-for-tv movie, giving fans the opportunity to relive the series not only through DVDs but also through a film.
“We've talked about maybe sometime doing a little song and dance together. I'm not ruling [a movie] out,” she said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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