Gilmore Girls "Lorelai? Lorelai?" recap
Gilmore Girls "Lorelai? Lorelai?" recap
This episode of Gilmore Girls opens with Rory in class at Chilton in her old uniform, and I momentarily worry that I’m watching a rerun by mistake. It’s clearly a dream, as Rory gets kicked out of class only to open the classroom door to find her own house, and Lorelai packing to go to Hawaii. Rory then goes into the kitchen to encounter the future Paris and Doyle (and children) living successful lives (but somehow living in Stars Hollow.) She wakes up in a panic.

At Friday night dinner, Richard and Emily announce that they’re going to buy a place in the city and let Rory live there – Rory hasn’t told Lorelai that she didn’t get the Times internship, and tells them all. She pretends to be okay with it, but actually is stressed out about it, as well as finals.

Lorelai goes to Luke’s the next morning, where Babette and Miss Patty are plotting a karaoke night. Luke’s wearing his old blue hat that Lorelai gave him, which Lorelai seems to find Very Significant. She worries about his upcoming boat trip, citing Titanic and Das Boot as examples. (Luke: “Well, I didn’t buy a U-boat!”)

Paris is busy plotting her future by socializing with her fellow future med students, which bums Rory out more, especially after she gets a letter from the Chicago Sun-Times saying they’re not hiring. In desperation, she calls the Providence paper that she’d turned down earlier, but they’ve already filled the position.

At the inn with Sookie, Lorelai obsesses over the hat, which Luke was wearing “atop his head!” She thinks he’s making a gesture of friendship and that she should “reciprocate,” but of course she got rid of everything that reminded her of Luke.

Zack tells Lane that he’s been asked to go on tour with a band called Vapor Rub, as the lead guitarist, and wants her and the babies to come along. (Yeah, twin infants on a tour bus, that’s a great idea.) Later, she struggles to get the twins ready to go out, while discussing the tour with Brian.

Lorelai finds Rory “hiding” in bed, upset that she’s never going to get a job at a paper, and tries to cheer her up. In Gilmore Girls style, this must involve food, so they go to Luke’s where Rory gets a call from Logan, who’s in California, and hints to Rory that she’ll probably be happier in a few days. Meanwhile, Luke and Lorelai have an awkward conversation about the karaoke night, which Lorelai was only mentioning in passing and not inviting Luke to.

April cancels the boat trip with Luke, as she’s gotten into a prestigious science camp. Luke is a good dad, and says that’s a good opportunity for her, but he’s clearly disappointed. Zack gets him to talk about it, and then gets his own news; Lane has realized that she can’t possibly go on tour with the twins. However, she insists that he still should go on his own.

Finally, it’s karaoke time. Zack and Lane join the Gilmore Girls, and after Miss Patty and Babette finish entertaining the crowd, Rory talks a tipsy Lorelai into singing. Lauren Graham can sing, all rights. Luke comes in right in the middle of her song, which she then seems to sing to him after faltering a bit. The captions say she “chuckles nervously” at the end. Yep.

The next day, Zack tells Luke he found his other hat – apparently he only went back to the blue one after losing his newer cap.

Lorelai’s hung over, and crankily says goodbye to a now-cheery Rory, who says it was good to let her feelings out.

Logan comes to the door, interrupting Lorelai’s hangover TV time with Paul Anka. He says he’s been offered a good job in Palo Alto, and wants Rory to come with him, but not as his girlfriend. He’s come to ask Lorelai’s permission to propose to Rory. And…that’s all till next week.

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