Buddy Bites: Lindsay Lohan Cast as Liz Taylor, Megan Fox Expecting Baby
Buddy Bites: Lindsay Lohan Cast as Liz Taylor, Megan Fox Expecting Baby
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This week's Buddy Bites includes a controversial casting scoop, an exciting new series and a bunch of baby news. Read on to find out more.

Lindsay Lohan officially cast as Elizabeth Taylor: The 25-year-old actress has landed yet another controversial gig, confirms Deadline.com. After making her TV comeback on Saturday Night Live last month, she's set to play Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime bio pic Liz and Dick, which revolves around Taylor's highly-publicized relationship with actor Richard Burton. The casting of Lohan, who has endured stints in rehab and jail over the past several years, has definitely raised a few eyebrows, including Rosie O'Donnell's. When the infamous talk show host appeared on Today, she expressed her lack of confidence in Lohan, believing that she not capable "at this point of doing what's needed to portray that character." Lindsay's father Michael Lohan immediately came to his daughter's defense by criticizing O'Donnell's lack of talent, pointing out her "two failed talk shows [and] a failed marriage."

Jennifer Hudson testifies at murder trial: According to People, the actress and Grammy Award-winning singer was the first witness who was called to the stand at the murder trial against her former brother-in-law, William Balfour, who is suspected of fatally shooting her mother, brother and nephew in 2008. Hudson was emotional as she gave her testimony, as well as when police officers recounted gory details about the murder scene.

Noah Wyle arrested for participating in political protest: TMZ reports that former E.R. actor was busted, along with other protesters, while trying to convince Congress not to cut Medicaid in Washington D.C. "As soon as everybody saw me being led away, they let up a big whooping cheer, which made me feel really good," he told the AP. The news of Wyle's arrest comes a month after his former co-star George Clooney was arrested for yet another protest.

Sons of Anarchy creator comes up with new series: Deadline.com reports that Kurt Sutter, the brains behind FX's motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy, has produced a new program for the Discovery Channel called Outlaw Empires. The six-part series, which kicks off on May 14, is all about  famous American outlaws, including gangs and mob families. "I've made a career writing about fictitious anti-heroes," Sutter said. "To create these worlds, I've spent a lot of time with active members on both sides of the law. And if I had to pick the most interesting of the two, the choice is obvious - we all love the guys in black." 

Megan Fox is expecting her first child: According to E! News, sources confirm that the Transformers actress is pregnant with her baby with husband Brian Austin Green. "I want at least two, probably three kids," said in the April issue of Cosmopolitan. "I've always been maternal."

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