'General Hospital' High Five: July 20, 2011
'General Hospital' High Five: July 20, 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of General Hospital.

In today's episode, Jason went to Maxie for help in planning his proposal to Sam. Jason asked Sam out to dinner that night on the rooftop of a building he and Sonny own. Sam knew something was up but she agreed to meet Jason for their 'dinner'. As soon as Sam left the apartment, Jason called Maxie and told her he was planning to propose. Maxie took charge and began to organize the whole evening, including the very important measure of helping Jason pick out a ring for Sam. Eventually, Jason found what he thought was the perfect ring and in trying to show him how it would look in the light, Maxie accidentally flung the ring over Jason's balcony. Here's hoping Jason was smart enough to get it insured.

High Five Highlights:

5. Siobhan went too far. In yet another argument with Elizabeth, Siobhan accused Lucky's ex of using her grief over Jake's death to manipulate the people around her. Elizabeth was understandably upset by the comment and threw Siobhan out of her house.

4. Elizabeth does not know where she and Lucky stand. Elizabeth told Lucky about the fight she had with Siobhan and implied that Siobhan was jealous of her connection to Lucky. Lucky said he and Elizabeth both knew where to draw the line in their relationship but Elizabeth confessed to not sharing his certainty in the matter. Lucky left before things could become too awkward.

3. Jax refused to see reason. Carly told Jax yet again that she wants him to be in Josslyn's life because their daughter needs both of her parents. But Jax was too furious to think straight and just keep screaming at Carly about the danger she was putting Josslyn in. Alexis arrived and attempted to calm Jax down but he admitted to hating Carly for letting Sonny set him up. Alexis tried to tell Jax that nothing is black and white but he did not listen to her.

2. Brenda told Sonny it was over. Brenda knows Sonny will never leave the mob but things are different now that she is a parent and she told Sonny she has to put her child first. Sonny believed Brenda would come back to him eventually but Brenda swore she had learned her lesson this time around and she was leaving him for good.

1. Brenda walked in on Sonny and Carly. Despite her low opinion of Brenda, Carly wanted to help Sonny fix things with his wife so she told Brenda that if Brenda did not take Sonny back, she would. The threat was an empty one but Brenda may have believed it, as she showed up at Sonny's house later the day. Unfortunately, when she arrived, Brenda saw her husband having an intimate conversation with his ex.


- Will his stubbornness keep Jax from being part of Josslyn's life?

- Do you agree that Sonny and Brenda will always find their way back to each other?

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