'General Hospital' High Five: July 19, 2011
'General Hospital' High Five: July 19, 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of General Hospital.

In today's episode, the judge made his final ruling in the custody battle. The judge told Jax and Carly that the court is pre-disposed to order shared custody but that there were other factors in this case. The judge, having seen the report on Jax's arrest, said the court only dealt in facts and the facts showed that Jax posed a danger to Josslyn. The judge granted Carly full-custody and said Jax would only be allowed to see his daughter at Carly's discretion.

High Five Highlights:

5. Siobhan was worried about Lucky's bond with Elizabeth. Though Lucky swore he and Elizabeth were only connected through their kids, Siobhan believed that Elizabeth would always play into Lucky's need to save people by being the damsel in distress. Lucky told Siobhan that he meant what he said to her about giving their marriage a real chance and Siobhan seemed to take him at his word.

4. Lucky and Elizabeth had family night with their children. Elizabeth was surprised when Lucky made it to family dinner night but Lucky told her the boys would always come first for him. Elizabeth even invited Siobhan to the occasion, much to Lucky's astonishment.

3. Sam and Jason convinced Molly that love still exists. Molly was distraught over the knowledge that Carly and Jax would not be reuniting and she started to wonder if love could actually survive in the real world. Thankfully, after a talk with her big sister, Molly realized that Sam and Jason managed to overcome all kinds of obstacles and that their relationship was proof that love could last forever.

2. Carly wanted to work things out with Jax. After the judge made his decision, Carly went to visit Jax and told him she believed Josslyn needs both of her parents and she would still be willing to compromise.

1. Sonny was in deep denial. Sonny dropped by the Metro Court to visit Brenda and asked her to come home. He thought they could straighten things out and get back to normal now that everything is settled with the custody case. But Brenda told Sonny that she no longer has a home because he took that away from her.


- Now that Brenda has left Sonny, would you like to see her take a chance with Jax?

- Do you think Siobhan's grudge against Elizabeth will continue or will the women work things out for Lucky's sake?

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