General Hospital: August 1 Recap
General Hospital: August 1 Recap
On yesterday's General Hospital, Nadine is offended after Nikolas compares their relationship to that of a brother and sister.  Monica returns home after her stint in rehab, but not before Jason warns her that he'll be keeping his distance in order to keep her safe.  Spinelli lets Jason know that he found out that Karpov has been transferring money to Sonny's account. Noah sits with Anna and comforts her over what Eli did to her and the two end up kissing. Lourdes gets Johnny alone and tells him that she knows who he is.

Johnny tried to convince Lulu that they were safe hiding out in his former piano teacher's apartment but Lulu can't help but feel guilty for the two of them being on the run.  Lucky meets up with Sam at the clinic and the two share some much needed kisses.  Spinelli gives Jason more information about Sonny's dealings with Karpov.

Matt and Maxie are not getting along as roommates and can't seem to stop fighting over every little thing.  Lulu seemed unhappy that Loudes has a crush on Johnny and worried that nothing good will come of staying in the apartment.  Sam and Lucky overhear Liz say that she is concerned about him.  He wants to come clean about the show they've been putting on but Sam insists that they have to stick to the plan in order to get to the bottom of the drug tampering in Port Charles. 

Kate is introduced to Karpov but is unaware as to who he really is and what he does.  Later, Sonny tells Max that he wants it to stay that way and keep Kate in the dark.  Maxie complains to Spinelli about Matt and then asks him about Karpov, but he dodges her questions.  Jason and Liz run into each other in the park.  Monica sees them with the kids and calls them a family.  This makes Jason uncomfortable and he quickly leaves.   Lourdes promises Johnny that she doesn't hold her father's murder against him.

Nadine argues with Nikolas, upset that he keeps interrupting when she is trying to dig for information out of Matt.  Jerry catches Sam snooping around one of the warehouses at the docks.  Kate and Sonny try to spend the night alone together but Jason walks in and tells him that they need to talk.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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