'Game of Thrones' Recap: The Aftermath of the Purple Wedding
'Game of Thrones' Recap: The Aftermath of the Purple Wedding
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Game of Thrones ended last week's episode with a shocking death, and in "Breaker of Chains," we see the aftermath of the royal wedding.

A trial is set, a probable assassination mastermind is revealed and a new king is named. If that's not enough, this episode offers the wacky sitcom antics of Arya and the Hound, a nudity-filled bisexual orgy, a very graphic shot of a man peeing and Dany's continuing crusade of being the Abraham Lincoln of the Seven Kingdoms.

Run, Sansa, Run

After Joffrey's death, Dontos takes Sansa through the city to a rowboat he has ready. It's almost like he knew this was going to happen. They row out into the sea and find a boat. Inside the boat is...Littlefinger! He promises to take Sansa away now that Joffrey is dead, and then he kills Dontos to make sure there are no loose ends. It certainly seems like Littlefinger was the mastermind of the assassination plot. It makes sense since he loves chaos so much.

The Rise of the New King

Joffrey's body is laid out in the Great Hall and Tywin wastes no time training his replacement, Joffrey's younger brother Tommen. The boy seems to have aged several years, probably because he's played by a new actor (who, coincidentally, played a different Lannister in season 3, one of the boys taken by the Tullys who were killed by Rickard Karstark over Robb's objections). He's much more docile and easygoing than Joffrey.

Meanwhile, Cersei mourns over her dead son and continues to claim that Tyrion did it. Jaime tries to console her, but she doesn't want any of it. He's sick and tired of her madness, so in a scene that is even more disturbing when you think about, Jaime rapes his sister right beside their dead son.

The Jury

Oberyn Martell is mourning the only way he knows how: with a massive bisexual orgy. It gets interrupted by Tywin who has several ulterior motives. First he accuses Obery of conspiring with Tyrion to kill Joffrey (because Oberyn majored in Potions at Hogwarts or something like that). However, Tywin has other plans in mind.

He suggests that Oberyn should be the third juror for Tyrion's trial (joining Tywin himself and Margaery's dad). It's a classic case of "keep your enemies close," but also quid pro quo. Tywin needs the Martells close because Dorne is the only place that has successfully battled dragons, and in exchange Tywin promises to set up a meeting between Oberyn and the Mountain, the man who raped and killed Oberyn's sister. Needless to say, the legal system in King's Landing doesn't seem all that fair.

Tyrion the Prisoner

Tyrion is locked away, waiting for his trial in a fortnight. Bronn is also being interrogated and Varys is a witness for the prosecution. Tyrion meets with Podrick and urges him to get out of King's Landing while there's still time. During this scene, I was distracted by my desire to write fan fiction in which Tyrion hires Florrick-Agos for his trial.

Elsewhere in Westeros

There are a lot of minor subplots this week, so let's run through them quickly.

-The Hound proves to be the worst houseguest ever when he and Arya (pretending to be father and daughter) spend the night at a nice man's house with his daughter. They slurp his rabbit stew and, the next day, the Hound steals his silver. It's a nice change of pace from the rest of the show, because these two are living in their own wacky sitcom.

-Stannis is angry about Davos letting Gendry go because the leech-burning seems to be working now that news comes in about Joffrey's death. Still, the focus is on fighting the White Walkers, and Davos seems to get a plan that involves the Iron Bank of Braavos.

-Sam is worried that all of the men at the Night's Watch want to sleep with Gilly, so he gets her a job and a place to stay in a nearby town.

-The Wildlings attack a village close to Castle Black and send a little boy to the Night's Watch with a warning. Even worse, a few survivors from Craster's Rebellion show up to say that the other Rangers have abandoned their posts and are staying North of the Wall. This is bad because they know there are only 100 men at Castle Black, not 1,000 like Jon Snow said, and if Mance gets that information, the Wildlings will easily invade. I smell a Three Amigos-style fake-out to save Castle Black in the future.

The Breaker of Chains

Finally, the episode gets its title from Dany, who arrives at Meereen, the next city on her "Free the Slaves" tour. They send out one man to fight, and he insults Dany by peeing on the ground (show in disturbingly graphic detail). Everyone in Dany's camp wants to be her one true champion, but that honor goes to Daario.

In a hilarious scene, the Meereen fighter rides up on a horse as Daario just stands there, casually. At the last minute Daario whips out a dagger and throws it into the horse's eye. The horse falls, the fighter flies right up to Daario and then Daario takes out a sword and kills him. He finishes by peeing on him.

With this display of awesomeness, Dany gives another one of her grand speeches about how many slaves she's freed. As proof, she brings out her catapults and fires barrels into the city. The barrels break open and the slaves of Meereen see that they contain slave necklaces like the ones they are forced to wear, only all of them are cut off. It's pretty bad-ass, like everything Dany does.

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