'Game of Thrones': Look Back at the Most Beautiful Deaths, Plus Prize Pack Giveaway
'Game of Thrones': Look Back at the Most Beautiful Deaths, Plus Prize Pack Giveaway
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Are you ready for the anticipated return of HBO's Game of Thrones? In what will likely be the most brutal, deadly and most epic season yet, BuddyTV is preparing you with not only a look back at the most memorable deaths across all three seasons, but also a prize pack full of Game of Thrones goodies every fan would kill for.

Keep reading for the full prize pack details, how to enter, and an in-depth look at some of the most memorable, heartbreaking and beautiful deaths George R.R. Martin has dreamed up and HBO delivered across the first three seasons.

Updated (3/3/14): This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to @GarnetMink2.

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How to Enter:

Leave a comment below telling BuddyTV what your favorite, most memorable death that has happened on Game of Thrones over the past three seasons.

For complete terms and conditions please click here This giveaway ends February 28.

Before you leave your comment to enter, let us help jog your memory with BuddyTV's look at some memorable deaths on HBO's Game of Thrones.

No TV show is better at killing off its characters than HBO's Game of Thrones. The Emmy-winning drama has killed off eight series regulars in three seasons and countless other major recurring characters in some of the most gut-wrenching ways.

Yet there's also a beauty to the deaths, a sublime visual expertise that makes each death a powerful moment. Sure, fans experienced painful agony while watching the Red Wedding or Ned Stark's beheading, but those scenes were also instant classics because of how they were shown.

Here's a look at three memorable deaths from Game of Thrones and how each one was able to find beauty in the tragedy.

The Execution of Ned Stark

In season 1's "Baelor," fans who hadn't read the books (like myself) probably assumed that Ned Stark would get a last-minute reprieve from his execution. Instead, the sword fell and the show's de facto main character was murdered.

But those final scenes were so expertly crafted that it made every viewer feel like Arya Stark. Ned seemed surprisingly calm laying his head on the chopping block as Joffrey cackled with glee and Sansa begged for mercy. The real beauty, however, was with young Arya in the crowd, being guarded by Yoren, pleading with her not to look. The sword fell on Ned, but before it made contact with his neck, the camera cut away to Arya, everything went silent, and she looked up as the birds flew away. It was a perfect representation of her loss of innocence and the birth of a new character, a girl who, in an instant, became a vengeance-seeking bad-ass whose entire life was dedicated to avenging her father.

Death by Dragon

Visually speaking, there's nothing more awesome than watching the Game of Thrones dragons breathing fire. The first time they did it will always be memorable as Daenerys Targaryen rescued her babies and commanded them to kill Pyat Pree with their newfound skill. The striking image of Dany, arms outstretched, with fire shooting from the mouths of her three baby dragons all around her, was everything fans had been waiting for.

But the more beautiful display of dragon fire came in season 3 after Dany purchased the Unsullied. The music swelled as she ordered her new soldiers to attack and kill their former masters. Then the music was cut, the camera zoomed in on Emilia Clarke in her stunning blue outfit as she uttered a single word: "Dracarys!" It's a beautiful moment forever burned into the memories of anyone who watched it.

The Red Wedding

The third season of Game of Thrones was all about the Red Wedding. The mass murder of Robb and Catelyn Stark, plus his wife Talisa and many of his men, was gruesome and shocking, but the way it all played out made each and every moment poignant. From Robb cradling his brutally stabbed pregnant wife to Roose Bolton slowly putting the final dagger into Robb (after his solitary, sad final word: "Mother") to Catelyn's screams, all underscored by the iconic song "The Rains of Castamere," each arrow and sword pierced the audience.

But it's the final shot of the episode that remains a true work of art. Catelyn, after witnessing her oldest son being murdered, lets out a cry and slits the throat of Walder Frey's wife, a futile final act. The camera stays on Michelle Fairley as she stands there, blank faced, conveying the totality of Catelyn's loss. The music stops and, with one last cut, she's killed. The sound of Catelyn's throat being slit and the blood gurgling out of the wound was haunting and effective. It was the saddest moment in three seasons, but also the most beautiful, in a way.

That's the magic of Game of Thrones. It doesn't just kill off characters, it gives them epic farewells. Whether through visual effects, the score or simply the brilliant acting, deaths on this show transcend simple brutality and become beautiful.

Don't forget to leave your comment below to be entered to win the Game of Thrones prize pack. Game of Thrones season 4 premieres Sunday, April 6 at 9pm on HBO.

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