Fighting over 'Game of Thrones' and Other Unhealthy Reactions to TV
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's just TV, people.

Sometimes television makes people do stupid things. And not just buy-junk-from-infomercials stupid. Criminally stupid. The results of this stupidity can lead to violence, destruction of property and arrests.

Television isn't worth it.

Keep in mind I'm saying this as a person who derives her income from television. At the moment, I'm actually deriving my income from writing about crazy people who take TV too seriously. Maybe I shouldn't discourage them...

No. I'm sticking to this -- you can't take television too seriously.

We'd all like to think that most TV-watchers have a reasonable level of sanity. But news often proves that thought wrong. The following three cases show just how crazy people can get over their television.

Game of Thrones: Not Just a Game Anymore
According to a report from The Smoking Gun, a Florida man by the name of Michael Podniestrzanski is in prison for throwing his cousin through a window. The impetus of this fight? HBO's new fantasy series, Game of Thrones.

The original sheriff's report states: "During the show they began to talk about who was going to win. Both subjects got in a verbal altercation over this show based on medieval times."

Then it got physical, as fights about fantasy television are wont to do, leading to punches and one of the men being thrown through a window.

Now, throwing people out of windows may be part of the fun on Game of Thrones, but here in the real world, it's a crime. Specifically, it's misdemeanor domestic battery. And Michael Podniestrzanski is in jail because of it.

Your TV Is Worth More Than Your Bristol Palin Rage
In November of 2010, back when Bristol Palin was prancing her way through Dancing with Stars, some fans were a little irritated. Low scores and average performances weren't enough to boot the "Teen Activist" from DWTS. And then she beat Brandy, a supposed front-runner.

That was the last straw for Steven Cowan of Dane County, Wisconsin. He took his shotgun and blasted the TV and its offensive Bristol-content. Perhaps his wife objected to this destruction of property (or maybe she was a Bristol Palin fan), since Cowan next turned his gun on her.

The ensuing hostage situation/police stand-off was resolved without further incident the next morning when Cowan was arrested and charged with second-degree reckless endangerment.

He needn't have bothered -- Bristol Palin was eliminated from the competition the following week. No guns required.

Stupid Reality TV Does Not Justify Homicide
It may be tempting sometimes, but you can't kill the people who make reality television programs.

On Monday, a man failed to recognize this fact. A production crew for the new Spike series Repo Games found itself confronted by one Carlos Barron, a neighbor of the "contestant" whose car was being repossessed. TMZ reported that Barron was upset about the production van being parked outside of his home.

Barron chose to go with the (not) sensible route of pulling out his gun and shooting. While no crew members were hit by the gunfire, the actions were sufficient to get Barron arrested for attempted murder.

It's fair for stupid reality programs to cause anger. It's not fair to shoot at people because of it. That's why we have the ability to change the channel.

Remember, no matter how angry you get at your television, crime is not the answer. TV isn't worth it. But thanks for the article inspiration, crazy people!

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