8 TV Hookups That Left Us Hot and Bothered in 2017
8 TV Hookups That Left Us Hot and Bothered in 2017
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With hundreds and hundreds of scripted series airing in 2017, there were a whole lot of characters coupling, dating, hanging, banging, making out, scamming, slamming, nuzzling and cuddling all over the place. It's no easy task sifting through all that sexy time to determine which duos really brought the heat, but we at BuddyTV take our jobs seriously, and if that means watching hours of great-looking people getting it on, so be it. After much deliberation and a few cold showers, we compiled a list of 2017's sexiest hookups. Enjoy it, we sure did.

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8. Arizona Robbins and Carina DeLuca (Grey's Anatomy, Season 14)

During the season premiere, Arizona and Carina met at Joe's, the bar that has been the preferred pick-up joint for the who's who of Grey Sloan. Arizona was drowning her sorrows after being ghosted by the Type-A, utterly unlikable Dr. Eliza Minnick. Arizona and Carina hit it off, but their coitus was interruptus by Carina's brother and Arizona's roommate, Andrew. After a brief and awkward family reunion, Arizona let Carina get to second base before finally rounding home on her living room sofa. Sex with a stranger less than 24 hours after getting dumped could be a new record, even for a doc at Grey Sloan.

7. Kara Danvers and Mon-El (Supergirl, Season 2)

When Kara, aka "Supergirl," and Mon-El first met, it was like Romeo and Juliet -- if Juliet was a tight-assed, goody two-shoes Kryptonian, and Romeo was a sarcastic, slacker Daxamite. The only thing these two had in common was the star shared by their two planets. But opposites attract, and while Mon-El helped Kara find the fun, Kara inspired Mon-El to be more heroic. Despite being matchless and latch-free, Kara made the hookup an arduous process. Finally, in episode 13, Kara realized that even though she needed to protect mankind, a girl's gotta eat (and I'm not talking about splitting a cupcake with her sister.) Viewers finally got to see some serious smooching -- not exactly scorching stuff compared to some of the other couples on this list, but we're grading on a curve, given the puritanical Arrowverse and the family-friendly time slot. It's not often Kara gets personal, much less laid.

6. Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge (Riverdale, Season 1)

The Archie-Veronica-Betty love triangle is so epic, so ingrained in America's pop culture psyche, that it transcends its comic book origin. Which is why it was only a matter of time before Archie chose one of the girls to be his lady love. With Betty firmly planted in the friendzone and dating Jughead, the path was clear for Archie and the seductive Veronica to act on their mutual attraction. Their season-finale rendezvous in Ronnie's bedroom was arousing without crossing the line into overly explicit -- leaving the dirty deets to fans' imaginations. Like Veronica told Archie that night, "We've had this date with each other from the very beginning, Archiekins."

5. Scott McCall and Malia Tate (Teen Wolf, Season 6)

"Scalia" got off to a slow start, just some lingering looks, words unspoken, hand holding, flirting and one kiss. Fighting a fear-mongering murderous Anuk-Ite and torch-wielding (actually gun-toting) locals doesn't leave a lot of time for romance. But in episode 18, the opportunity for shower sex presented itself, and it was steamy (who knew washing off blood could become an erotic adventure?) Scott's previous sexual encounters weren't nearly as primal as his first time with the impulsive, passionate and uninhibited Malia.

4. Nick Blaine and Offred/June Osborne (The Handmaid's Tale, Season 1)

Nick and Offred's first time together was under the watchful eye of Serena Joy and only for the purpose of procreation. Nick and Offred had to conceal their attraction -- and their bodies -- and show no signs of enjoying the act for fear of retribution. In episode 5, after Offred's argument with the Commander -- during which he revealed his deeply deluded beliefs  regarding women and their purpose in the world -- and witnessing Ofsteven's brazen act of defiance, June went to Nick. Sex with Nick was the most immediate way for her break the shackles that imprisoned her in the patriarchal society of Gilead -- a way to take back some personal freedom. June shed her shroud and reveled in her own nudity and Nick's. It was the only time viewers witnessed a woman empowering herself through her sexuality on the show.


3. Claire and Jamie Fraser (Outlander, Season 3) 

Fans waited for what felt like an eternity for Claire and Jamie to reunite. Even after Claire arrived unexpectedly at Jamie's print shop, they didn't immediately rip each other's clothes off. They had 20 years of catching up to do before they finally succumbed to the passion they had been harboring for two decades. The delayed gratification paid off in episode 6. As they began to undress one another, their initial timidity was reminiscent of their wedding night. Claire was self-conscious regarding the toll time had taken on her body, but Jamie quickly reassured her she was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. It took some time for them to find their groove again, but when Claire ordered him to "Do it now, and don't be gentle," the twosome connected as if they'd never been apart, and women everywhere swooned.

2. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow (Game of Thrones, Season 7)

From the moment Melisandre orchestrated the meeting between the icy King of the North and the fiery Mother of Dragons, fans knew these two were destined to be together. Dany and Jon's strategic alliance slowly grew into something more, and the climax (pun intended) of their season-long burgeoning relationship was the highly-anticipated consummation of their feelings in the season finale. Sex is as regular an occurrence on the series as swordplay but lovemaking is rare. Even though the act was incestuous (unknown to them) whatever ick factor may have been involved was overshadowed by their tender intimacy and Jon Snow's spectacular butt.

1. Salim and Jinn (American Gods, Season 1)

Two men meet. They're strangers. One drives a cab, and the other is a salesman. They soon learn they are both strangers in a strange land. Salim quickly discovers the driver is a jinn -- a supernatural creature with fire in his eyes. Salim invites the jinn to his hotel room to have sex (episode 3.) In the prior episodes of American Gods, the sexual content had a brutality to it (a woman absorbs a man into her vagina, and a widow offers to suck Shadow's cock as a way to exact revenge against her philandering, dead husband.)

Some might find the scene intentionally provocative because the image of two men connecting on such an intimate level hasn't gained the mainstream acceptance that televised heterosexual lovemaking has. But, ultimately, it captured the feelings that draw people together, regardless of gender. The experience transported Salim -- who previously felt displaced and disliked -- to another time and place and left him fulfilled.

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Did we miss your favorite hookup? Who left you hot and bothered in 2017? Let us know in the comments section below.

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