Rain Delay: Why Baseball Hates 'Chuck' and 'Fringe'
Rain Delay: Why Baseball Hates 'Chuck' and 'Fringe'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Before the sports-lovers out there grab their pitchforks and bats to come after me, let me start off by professing a deep and abiding love for baseball. It's my favorite sport to watch, and I have many a fond memory of attending games with a baseball-obsessed father. If any sport has to mess up TV schedules, this would be the one to do it, in my opinion.

But seriously? The World Series might mess up my Friday night plans to watch Fringe and Chuck? Say it ain't so!

Alas, it might be. Thanks to rainy weather in St. Louis today, Major League Baseball has gone and delayed tonight's World Series Game 6 until tomorrow. For FOX, the network this most directly affects, the result is initially no big deal. Reruns of Bones had been planned, and their removal is unlikely to create more than a ripple of discontent.

The big issue comes if this year's World Series needs a Game 7.

As of right now, the National League's Texas Rangers are leading the American League's St. Louis Cardinals 3-2 in the already-played five games. If Texas wins in Game 6 on Thursday night, the series ends with their victory. If St. Louis (which will have home-field advantage) wins, however, this will force a 7th World Series game, currently scheduled for Friday night.

In the event of a Game 7, FOX has announced that it will kill its original programming lineup -- including Fringe -- to air the baseball game live at 7:30pm EDT. The network has not announced exactly when the episode, which features the aftermath of Peter Bishop's return from non-existence, would air. Most likely, we'd see it next week, on November 4.

Over at NBC, meanwhile, things are both simpler and more complicated. The network has no obligations to baseball, after all, and can easily air its regularly-scheduled broadcast of the Chuck season 5 premiere, followed by the series premiere of Grimm. So what's the issue?

Ratings might be something to worry about. Although Chuck isn't likely to be affected by anything other than an unprecedented ratings bump (I'm still holding out hope for that, by the way.), Grimm needs to garner respectable ratings if it wants a shot on the troubled NBC. And going up against the final game in a World Series is never a great way to improve ratings performance.

Granted, NBC knows this and would likely take the issues into account when considering the ratings earned.

Still, baseball and the weather are being awfully mean to TV lately.

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