New 'Fringe' Promo Video: The Future Gets Animated
New 'Fringe' Promo Video: The Future Gets Animated
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Fringe must have an endless supply of brilliant promo videos they need to burn off. That's the only explanation I have for yet another Fringe season 5 video being released to promote upcoming episodes. But this one is different. This one is like a comic book. A moving comic book.

This newest Fringe video -- a video with a decidedly graphic-novel feel to it -- was released by executive producer J.H. Wyman on Twitter on Tuesday evening. With little preamble, Wyman posted:

"Another first for you guys -- the 503 teaser."

There was then a link that led to a YouTube video. What was in this YouTube video? Check it out for yourself below:

J.H Wyman thanked @jonxproductions, the Twitter handle of director Ari Margolis. Margolis in turn thanked Fringe crew member Trevor Metz, the artist whose drawings are animated in the video.

Want to watch another crazy Fringe promo? Here is an odd promo for last week's "In Absentia."

Because this is a Fringe video, we obviously have to spend some time analyzing every frame of this promo. What do we get out of that?

  • They only have 21 seconds to fit in a lot of symbolism. That's plenty of time for Fringe.
  • Is that Olivia or Etta reflected in the Observer gas mask lenses?
  • I'm going to assume that the two adults holding the baby are Olivia (the one with the gun) and Peter (the smiling one). Unless they're both Olivia. Stupid impressionistic cartooning...
  • The bodies lying in probable blood may be the result of the original Observer invasion. Or not.
  • The guy with the gun? Peter?
  • Someone apparently found a weapon that does work against Observers. That middle Observer at the 6-second mark seems to be getting a serious blow to his sensitive area. Assuming that Observers actually have that same sensitive area.
  • The laughing mad scientist guy in goggles at 7 seconds -- is that Walter? Or do we have another mad scientist?
  • It's probably Walter. The mad scientist has a weird glove that is scaring some Observers in the next panel.
  • And then we see a very similar-looking man eating licorice. The licorice-eater is definitely Walter.
  • Although I didn't see her at any point before this, Astrid shows up in the bulls-eye with the other Fringe heroes.
  • We end with a very dramatic Fringe Division logo.

Fringe-FDivGraphNovel.jpgWhat does all of this mean for the next episode of Fringe? Is that funky glove the key to defeating the Observers? Share your theories in the comments section below and watch Fringe at 9pm Friday on FOX.

(Images and video courtesy of FOX, via J.H. Wyman on Twitter)