Meet Mrs. Bishop: Orla Brady Joins 'Fringe'
Meet Mrs. Bishop: Orla Brady Joins 'Fringe'
For the few folks like me who wonder where Peter Bishop got half his genes, well, we finally have the answer.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Irish actress Orla Brady has joined the cast of Fringe as Walter's wife and Peter's mother. The character, described as strong, smart and likable, will debut in episodes in early 2010, possibly just before the show's winter finale in February.
Brady last appeared in the television series Shark, where she played James Wood's ex-wife. Must also be mentioned, though, that she currently stars in the BBC drama series Mistresses, which also featured Fringe star Anna Torv at one point. So, yes, it's a reunion of some sort.

And for those arguing that Brady looks too young to be Peter's mother, a few bits: she's already 48, and I'm guessing she'll appear in flashbacks. Maybe we'll finally see how Walter took alternate Peter?

(Image courtesy of WENN)