Fringe: We Did Expect More Questions Than Answers, Right?
Fringe: We Did Expect More Questions Than Answers, Right?
Now that we saw that William Bell told Olivia, do we have answers?  Well, obviously, not yet, else this would end up being a really long chase scene.

Setting aside the fact that Livy drunk a worm smoothie without the strawberry flavoring, and the fact that it took a bell to trigger all those memories, I think we have most of the underlying questions for this season of Fringe intact.  Two universes collide, Nina Sharp said: inevitably there'd be a battle until only one universe survives, since we're built to do just that.  In the words of "Willam", it's "the great last storm".

No further details, really--if they gave away everything, it'd mean we'd see less of Leonard Nimoy, if not at all--but I'm interested in seeing that guy whose eyes opened at the end of last night's episode.  We have, it seems, a new villain.  Now the chase is to prevent this guy from opening the gate, although I have this feeling he's just small fry compared to whoever's on the other side that's behind this whole thing.

Interpreting his warning may have been too late--Livy telling "Charlie", may his soul find eternal peace, complicating things--but there's still so much to cover.  Like, why exactly did William go to the alternate universe?  What else does he know?  What role does Livy have in stopping this thing?  (Remember the medical tests?  It's more than certain that she's able to do some fringe-y stuff, and that should come into play in the future.)  Better yet, what role does William have?  Livy, after all, isn't trusting him, and even if things look a bit clearer after last night, you realize that there's still a lot of gray areas to account for.

We may have entered a new phase on Fringe, but that doesn't mean we're all through with it.  When the universes really collide, oh, get your medicine ready.

One last thing.  The other story this week involved Walter and Peter bringing in Rebecca, also known as the girl who saw those shape-shifters before all this happened.  After the experiment, and before she heads home with Walter, she had this farewell moment with Peter.  Is it just me, or did she see that shape-shifter aura in Peter?  I thought one scene had Peter with some light surrounding him--and no, it's not just the sunshine.  I'm thinking that the other-siders have already infiltrated our side, and that Walter didn't really get Peter from the other side, but a shifter posting as him.

Or maybe it's because Peter is from the alternate universe.  I think I really need my headache medicine.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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