'Fringe' Videos: Teasers and Possible Spoilers from Comic-Con
'Fringe' Videos: Teasers and Possible Spoilers from Comic-Con
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After last season's rather surprising finale, Fringe was set to take Comic-Con by storm in San Diego. The panel itself was rather packed, but FOX has released some video of what was seen for the many, many people who couldn't get in.

Granted, these videos don't exactly give away a lot about the upcoming season of Fringe. Season 4 will involve plenty of cross-universe stuff and Peter will... Well... They didn't exactly explain that. But it at least was made obvious that there would be some sort of Peter on the show, if not in the universe.

Peter Returns!

Sure, he returns late (and only after a Jean the Cow joke), but what an entrance for Joshua Jackson! Does the Observer costume mean anything, or is it just a weird diversion from the crazy Fringe producers?

Based on a video shown during the panel itself, the Observer-Peter thing might be more than just a little Comic-Con gag:

Did you have a favorite audition? Did you identify all of them? There are definitely a lot of J.J. Abrams-related people in there... And a puppet.

Maybe the Observer thing is just another joke? Those "auditions" don't leave me with a lot of confidence about the seriousness of any of this. Whatever the case, Peter will be back. Somehow.

Also, could there ever be a creepier ending to a funny video?

For more Comic-Con fun, the panel joked about Anna Torv's job of channeling William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) last season:

Honestly, Lance Reddick does a pretty good Anna Torv-doing-Leonard Nimoy. Plus we got the awesome "You don't exist anymore so stop talking" comeback.

There was a lot more to the Fringe Comic-Con panel, of course. FOX hasn't released it all, but there are some highlights available:

  • Astrid has a gun!
  • "You shot my wife in the head!" "People can change."

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(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)