'Fringe' Videos: Everyone Tries to Cope in 'An Origin Story'
'Fringe' Videos: Everyone Tries to Cope in 'An Origin Story'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
How do you cope with the tragic loss of a loved one? There are plenty of methods, and it looks like we may be seeing several of them in the next Fringe episode, "An Origin Story." Check out these two video clips from the episode to see the vengeance, sentiment and distraction used to deal with the death of Etta.

WARNING: There are Fringe season 5 spoilers in these videos. But they are only going to be spoilers for a few more hours, so don't worry too much about it.

The first video seems to take place on the next morning after Etta's death. The team has fallen back to Etta's safe house and are planning to leave. Obviously, no one has recovered much yet.

  • There is a lot of silence in that room. At least they have Walter to break it awkwardly.
  • Etta wore perfume? I would not have guessed that about the girl.
  • Of course Walter would want to have a memory stimulus. He can't even remember the name of one of his best friends on a regular basis. Worry about forgetting someone else important is justified.
  • They say the sense of smell is the most powerful memory stimulus there is.
  • Wow, Astrid looks like she really doesn't know what to say.
  • Even in this tragic scene, the description of why Walter left flammable materials all over the place remains fittingly hilarious.
  • This group is getting nothing but bad news these days.

Or is there some good news? It's hard to call it "good," but at least there is a possibility of moving forward, thanks to what we learn from the second Fringe video.

  • How exactly did the Resistance manage to capture an Observer? That seems difficult.
  • Do you think they'll ask the captive why the Observers all dress in suits and fedoras? Or why there are no girl Observers?
  • So the Observer was taking measurements and then something that caused the road to turn black happened? Confusing...
  • "The tech that opens the door..." What door? Do we have a new bit of crazy science to discover?
  • Hmmmm... Could Peter be dealing with vengeance issues right now?
  • Oh dear. It doesn't sound like Peter is planning to listen to anything resembling reason.

Will it work out for the Fringe team? What is up with that cube? Can Peter and Olivia survive the loss of Etta? We will find out when "An Origin Story" airs on Friday, November 2 at 9pm on FOX.

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