'Fringe' Videos: A Sad Look Back and More Observer Promos
'Fringe' Videos: A Sad Look Back and More Observer Promos
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Have you ever noticed that, for a super race with a disinclination for small talk, the Observers have an awful lot to tell us about Fringe? That's the only explanation that makes sense, when you consider the number of videos we get to see from them. Check out these two Observer videos -- plus two videos that remind us of the sad events in "An Origin Story."

The first Fringe Observer video is titled "Technology Infiltration."

Like all previous Observer videos released in this season of Fringe, this one has hidden messages (ironic, considering the "Technology Infiltration" thing). But these are a little different. Proof? The first glitch has been captured below for your pleasure.

Fringe-VidWatchFringe.jpgObviously, the Observers think Fringe is an awesome show too. I guess they aren't all bad!

That message pops up a couple of times in the video. But there is another video as well. It's a little bit more ominous:

Fringe-HaloAd.jpgWhat does that mean? It's quite terrifying until you realize that video has been sponsored by a video game. So it's probably not so bad for Fringe.

We get the same hidden messages in the second of the videos, "Unauthorized Access."

Maybe it's the Halo ads that are breaking in and upsetting the Observers so much?

Leaving the Observers behind for awhile, we move to the sadness of the most recent Fringe episode, "An Origin Story." The first of the videos is a simple promo, focusing on how Etta was lost but might become the face of the resistance as time goes on.

Oh dear... It's not OK. It's not OK at all...

As to why it is so very not OK, this final video is an extra scene from "An Origin Story." In the episode itself, we saw Peter, Olivia and Walter finishing up at Etta's apartment. This scene came before that.

That silence at the beginning of the scene is chilling, isn't it? Although there's almost some humor in Peter's reaction to Etta's secret cache of weaponry. Almost.

"That's my girl." Tragedy in three words.

What do you think are the Observers' ultimate plans? Do you enjoy these Fringe promo videos? Do Peter and Olivia have a hope at survival? Leave your comments below!

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