'Fringe' Video Sneak Peek: The First Two Minutes of "August"
'Fringe' Video Sneak Peek: The First Two Minutes of "August"
This Thursday's Fringe is quite a big one, as we finally uncover what the deal is with the Observer--the guy who pops up in every episode, albeit very fleetingly, whose task is seemingly to observe, write in a curious alphabet, and eat every chili he could find.  Oh, and remind Walter of stuff that he shouldn't be telling, judging from the first season finale.

What we understand is that there are many of these Observers (remember the Observer kid last season?) and they're doing something pretty crucial.  Who knows?  Maybe they're from the alternate universe, part of the effort to take us down--or maybe they're here to help us take the enemy down, especially now that a war seems inevitable.  And they've been around for a really long time, apparently.

As we prepare for a particularly riveting Thursday night, we have three videos that would help us get in the mood for some Observer spotting.  Video one: a look back at what came before--how the Observer figured in events of the past season, from that cylinder to him taking Walter to his beach house.

Video two: the first two minutes of this week's episode, which sees the Observer (or at least one of them, because I don't think this guy's the Observer we've been seeing before) abducting a woman and doing some pretty wild things to get away.

Video three: a behind-the-scenes look at video two.  But hey, it pretty much tells us that this week's episode will reveal something that could possibly change the course of the entire series.

All that and milkshakes on this week's Fringe, airing Thursday from 9pm on Fox.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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