'Fringe' Video: Sex and Pie in 'Welcome to Westfield'
'Fringe' Video: Sex and Pie in 'Welcome to Westfield'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The next episode of Fringe season 4, "Welcome to Westfield," places our favorite Fringe characters in one of the most dangerous places ever -- a small town that they cannot escape. This truly excellent episode also brings a significant amount of character and long-arc plot development. So what does any of that have to do with sex and pie?

We have two Fringe spoiler videos that answer at least part of that question.

WARNING: There are some extreme Fringe spoilers (and hints of even bigger spoilers) in these videos and in the commentary. If you want "Welcome to Westfield" to be nothing but a big surprise, you should stop reading now. But you probably want to know. That's why you're reading this at all, right?

The first video comes from the very beginning of the Fringe episode, "Welcome to Westfield." As you will probably guess within seconds, it's a dream sequence. But the identity of the dreamer is what makes this clip so interesting.

Remember when Olivia told Peter that her dreams of him had no emotions in them? Either that was a lie or things have been changing for her. There is no way a dream like that can be devoid of feeling. Interestingly, it almost looks like we're getting back to the old, pre-timeline-shift Olivia and Peter.

Considering the events that follow in "Welcome to Westfield," a return to what we once knew is definitely impossible.

The second video takes place a little later in the Fringe episode. Walter (yes, he has left the lab), Peter and Olivia are visiting the small Vermont town of Westfield where some very strange things are happening. Before they can investigate, however, Walter needs some rhubarb pie.

Attempted murder may be too high a price to pay for rhubarb pie. It can't be that good, can it?

You need to watch the knife-wielding cafe owner carefully in this one. If you look closely, there's something odd about his eyes. And that odd something has an awful lot to do with the events in "Welcome to Westfield."

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"Welcome to Westfield" airs on Friday, February 10 at 9pm on FOX.

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