'Fringe' Video Preview: Three Sneak Peeks From 'The End Of All Things'
'Fringe' Video Preview: Three Sneak Peeks From 'The End Of All Things'
We've been promised a lot of answers in tonight's Fringe winter finale, "The End Of All Things". Quite convenient timing, really, just as rebooted Olivia finds herself with original Olivia's memories -- and abducted by David Robert Jones. There's also Peter, who seemingly has ended his attempts to return "home" now that his Olivia is in front of him -- only for her to disappear again. And then there's September, the seemingly rogue Observer who hasn't done a proper job in erasing every trace of Peter in this timeline.

We've seen a couple of teaser videos to tonight's episode, and by the way things look, it's definitely a game changer. (If you want more clues, check out our spoiler-y preview of tonight's Fringe here.) Now, finally, we have three preview clips just to make things a little clearer for us. So we know Jones has Olivia, and Peter will enter September's brain -- but what exactly will these mean?

I didn't say I have answers. I said "make things a little clearer." Just so we're clear. Clear? Too clear?

Preview clip number one features a still-creeped-out Lincoln taking Walter's side and accusing Peter of projecting his Olivia's memories to the new Olivia. I smell feelings... anyway, Peter isn't buying that -- but the conversation stops when he sees something.

Loose end, Jones. Loose end.

Preview clip number two brings us to where Jones is holding Olivia and Nina. The guy obviously knows all about Liv's childhood cortexiphan trials. So well, in fact, that he knows how her innate powers can be activated.

Here's a thought: Jones' plan will backfire and Olivia will end up transporting herself away from the safehouse and back into Peter's arms. It's possible, right?

Preview clip number three revolves around the Observers: it's head honcho December and three of his bald, monotonous friends, discussing September's actions (or lack thereof). And, quite ominously, talking about consequences.

They've never been beyond killing one of their own -- could another murder be up their sleeves?

The Fringe winter finale airs tonight at 9pm on Fox. We'll get some answers, and then we'll wait three weeks before the show returns again. At least we'll get answers.

(Image courtesy of Fox)