'Fringe' Video Preview: Olivia Dunham and Her Great Ball of Something
'Fringe' Video Preview: Olivia Dunham and Her Great Ball of Something
Last week's Fringe touched nicely on Walter not being tethered to reality now that both Peters actually died and all of this still happened. Of course, we know that Peter still actually exists, somehow, somewhere -- and, while Walter and Olivia don't know that the man they're having visions of is Peter, they at least now know enough to go look for the man. Even if it took an aborted attempt at self-lobotomy. Eeeep.

Tonight's Fringe might go there -- I say "might" because I'm not completely sure what the mass of energy following Olivia around is all about. Sure, you can say it's Peter, but tonight's episode suggests that it's all about the cortexiphan trials young Olivia still took part in. Could it be a hazardous side effect? Could our new Olivia be different from our old Olivia in a molecular manner?

Nah, I still think it's Peter trying to let her know that he's actually here. One, we know that he'll be back in this season's fifth episode, airing in two weeks' time. Two, Fox released this video talking about Peter Bishop's return. We are getting there, kids.

But back to tonight's episode, "Subject 9" -- we have three preview clips for you to sift through and overanalyze (I did) before Fringe airs. First clip: Walter and Olivia talk about the cortexiphan trials, and how it might have a hand in that mysterious energy that follows her around.

The second clip introduces us again to Nina Sharp. Only difference is, Walter has absolute mistrust of her.

And finally, the third clip: say hello to that ball of energy. It's so malleable, yet so strong... oh, and yes, that's Walter, out of the lab!

Fringe returns tonight from 9pm on Fox. 

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(Image and videos courtesy of Fox)