'Fringe' Video Preview 'Anomaly XB-6783746': Who is the Child Observer?
'Fringe' Video Preview 'Anomaly XB-6783746': Who is the Child Observer?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After overcoming a few hurdles on last Friday's Fringe, including Walter's LSD trip, the team found the Observer child that Walter hide in the pocket universe. Will he complete the plan to overthrow the Observers? Or, will they still need to track down the evasive Donald? The preview of "Anomaly XB-6783746" will provide some clues as to what's coming up next for the team.

This Friday is the last Fringe episode of 2012, with the remaining 3 episodes airing in January.

With so little time left, will Peter, Olivia, Walter, and Astrid be able to save the world from the Observers? They have to have a happy ending, right?

Check out this preview for Friday's "Anomaly XB-6783746."

Highlights from the promo:

  • "Every conspiracy has a traitor. Where are the fugitives?" -- Windmark
  • Oh no. Who is being handcuffed? Wearing a doctor's coat?
  • "You've been compromised." -- Olivia
  • Peter breaks into a car. Though, that's not too surprising given their rebel status.
  • What's the connection between Nina and the Child Observer?
FOX has also released another video about Donald. 

Who is Donald? And, where is he? Is he necessary to the plan? And, could he be someone we already know? So many questions, but no answers yet. Perhaps, he knows the Child Observer's real identity. September perhaps?

"Are you Donald?"

Fringe "Anomaly XB-6783746" airs on Friday, December 21 at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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(Image and videos courtesy of FOX.)