'Fringe': The War Comes To Our Side
'Fringe': The War Comes To Our Side
Indeed, Fringe's season finale was a game-changing event.

There are the things we learned about the other side--the different rules, the different set-up, the different perspective--and then there are the things we learned about Walter Bishop and William Bell. So, no, Bell is not the enemy, but he's sending the shape-shifters over to our side just to appease Walternate, more or less. He's still there to prevent a war of the worlds from happening... but I don't think he's been successful.

You see, Walternate looks like he's not willing to let go of the fact that Peter was kidnapped twenty years ago. Sure, the impact of Walter nabbing his alternate son had a much bigger impact on the other side -- the "soft spots" really altered the laws of physics over there, it seems, which explains Fringe Division being run by soldiers and the scary idea of "quarantine amber" -- but it's more a personal vendetta than anything. That surely explains his plans to destroy our world so everything will go better on their side. I think all he wants is to kill our Walter, and he will stop at nothing to achieve that, even if it means using Peter.

This is still Fringe, after all. It's a sci-fi show, sure, but it's still about the relationships between the people involved. Peter and Walter's relationship hit a really rough patch when the former's past was revealed--just when things were getting better. The revelation also affected Peter and Olivia's blossoming relationship--or should I say blossomed relationship?

After this week's events, things are really going to change. The new face of the enemy is no longer a creature that changes his form: it's the protagonists themselves! Bolivia (that's what they call her, apparently) has infiltrated our side, and will surely bring the war Walternate is waging to our side. It's going to be much worse: he's hell-bent on destroying us, certainly much more than William, who is trying to undermine his authority by supporting our cause even if it means sacrificing himself.

I can't possibly think of what the next season will hold. It's easy to guess that we'll have enough of the case-of-the-week stuff that dominated the first season. It's clear now: our weird cases are because of this imminent war, and the battlefield moves from the small fry to the big stage. Walternate will try to get Peter back, but his end game is still not clear. We know his intentions, and we know his means, but we need the specifics.

But the relationships will be the most affected, again. The infiltration would be harder to take for the Bishops. Walter's trusted Olivia with many things and the truth will surely threaten to tear them apart again. And then there's Peter, who finally acknowledged his feelings for Olivia, not knowing that she's being held by his actual father on the other side.

This should make the next season very interesting indeed. Fringe has come from an X Files-inspired serial to a series that really deserves to take the place Lost will vacate in less than a week's time. And I, for one, am ready for the ride. Just, err, don't get me killed. Walternate, if you're reading this...

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