'Fringe' Series Finale Extended Trailer and Sneak Peeks: A Final Battle
'Fringe' Series Finale Extended Trailer and Sneak Peeks: A Final Battle
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Is the anticipation too much to handle as you wait for Friday night's Fringe series finale? As difficult as it is to see the series end, it's exciting to know that there will be a planned conclusion. There are too many series that come to an abrupt and ill-fitting finish due to cancellations, so it's refreshing to get a proper finale.

FOX has released a new extended trailer and two clips for the finale. They reveal quite a bit so if you want to go into the Fringe finale without spoilers, don't watch! Seriously!

The extended trailer was created by Ari Margolis with John Noble narrating. As far as trailers and previews go, this is a piece of art. It highlights the series and what's to come in the finale. Watch it, love it, and watch it again!

Highlights from the "Enemy of Fate" trailer:
  • "My name is Walter Bishop and I have a plan to save the world."
  • What will happen to Michael? Olivia says they need him for the plan.
  • "The other side." -- Olivia
  • Cortexiphan will help Olivia go to the other side to get help.
  • "Walter, this is not the end. We gonna win this." -- Astrid
  • The hope that Peter has that he and Olivia will see Etta again. Precious.
  • "I know in my soul this is what I'm supposed to do." -- Walter
  • Oh no, Windmark has Broyles in his custody.
The images from the trailer are too numerous to mention, but they are an amazing sight to see. It's been a incredible and shocking five seasons.

Video Preview: "The Silent Anomaly (XB-6783746)"

Until now, Windmark has seemed untouchable. Peter got the closest to breaking him by manipulating the timeline, but he was unsuccessful. Could Michael be the key to destroying the Observers in the present?

Windmark is so confident in his superiority here that it's revealing that Michael got the better of him. Instead of being able to read Michael's mind, Windmark gets his questions bounced back to him, while distressing his body. A bloody nose ... okay. Not a big deal. But, the burst blood vessel in the eye is a greater sign of mental assault. Is Michael infiltrating Windmark's mind instead?

And, what happened to the Statue of Liberty?

ideo Preview: "Lost Boy"

With Michael missing, the team is panicking about his location and well-being. And, they have no way to contact Donald. Will they be able to get him back? Or, will Windmark find a way to break Michael and retrieve his secrets?

Those three videos provide a glimpse into the trouble and sacrifice they will have to overcome to save the world. Are you excited that we get to see the other side again? 

Fringe airs its last two episodes this Friday, January 18 at 8 pm ET on FOX.

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(Image and video courtesy of FOX.)