'Fringe' Season 5 Video: Extended Promo for Episode 2, 'In Absentia'
'Fringe' Season 5 Video: Extended Promo for Episode 2, 'In Absentia'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Considering that Fringe has jumped to the future and gotten even weirder (if that's possible), we need all of the videos we can get to be ready for each episode. Apparently FOX knows this -- the network released an extended trailer for Fringe season 5, episode 2, "In Absentia." Watch it (and another Fringe video) here!

WARNING: Because this is an extended video, you can expect quite a few Fringe season 5 spoilers to pop up. That's not the fault of BuddyTV or of the writer of this article. Blame FOX if you must. They can take it.

The extended promo for "In Absentia" shows us what happens when the team tries to get back into Walter's old lab at Harvard. Like everything else in the world, the Observers have made this kind of difficult.

Important things from this video:

  • Walter still trusts in the awesome power of LSD.
  • Etta is kind of a badass -- in a cold-hearted, militant way that isn't always so good.
  • The Observers are doing even creepier things than we thought.
  • At least one part of the plan involves Peter and Etta sneaking back into Observer Central -- with Peter dressed as a Loyalist.

Should be interesting...

The second video is pretty much just for fun at this point. It's the "Wanted" video for Walter Bishop, supposedly broadcast by the Observers in the hope of catching him and the rest of the Fringe team. We can only hope it doesn't work out that way. Because that would be sad.

There are, of course, a whole bunch of hidden messages appearing in single frames throughout this video. Most of them are the now-standard anti-Observer slogans that have appeared in all of the Fringe promo videos this fall.

But a couple are different. One of them is a photo of a small metallic device:

Is this the Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 of the Fringe season 5 premiere? Or is it something else? Another of the messages is rather interesting as well. Although it flashed past too quickly to get a good screen-capture, I was able to grab this:

#TrustTheTapes? There have been hints and rumors that Walter, back in 2015, made a series of tapes that would show him how to find what he needed in order to defeat the Observers. Are those the tapes meant here?

Who knows? This is Fringe, after all.

What do you expect from the next episode of Fringe, "In Absentia" (airing Friday, October 5 at 9pm on FOX)? Leave your comments below!

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