'Fringe' Season 5 Spoilers: A New 'In Absentia' Video from J.H. Wyman
'Fringe' Season 5 Spoilers: A New 'In Absentia' Video from J.H. Wyman
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Sometimes it pays to follow showrunners on Twitter. This was definitely the case on Thursday, when J.H. Wyman, the executive producer of Fringe, tweeted out a video to his followers. That video contains some serious teases about the upcoming episode, "In Absentia."

WARNING: While what you are about to see in the video is not exactly a spoiler, some of the commentary about it definitely does contain big Fringe season 5 spoilers. Read (and watch) at your own risk!

On Thursday, October 4, J.H. Wyman tweeted the following message:

"Here's something BRAND NEW for you guys to have FIRST!"

That's always an exciting thing for a fan to read, isn't it? When one clicked on the link that went with this message, however, things got even more exciting. The "something BRAND NEW" turned out to be a short -- but tantalizing -- video of Walter Bishop (John Noble) talking through some static. Watch the video for yourself right here:

What is all this about? What are the tapes referred to in the Twitter hashtag, #FollowTheTapes?

Because I have actually seen this episode, I can give you a few clues:

  • The video tweeted by J.H. Wyman is actually only a small part of a longer video that will appear in the upcoming Fringe episode, "In Absentia."
  • In order to get hold of this tape, the team has to break into Walter's old lab at Harvard. This is far more complicated than it might seem.
  • Because Walter is insane and awesome like that, this video is actually a video -- not a DVD or another form of electronic recording. Not only that but it's a Betamax video! That's right, in 2015, Walter Bishop was still recording things on Betamax. Wow.
  • The tapes mentioned in the video will be a major factor throughout the rest of Fringe season 5.

Why are the tapes important? Who is Walter speaking to in the video? What does all of this mean anyway? I can't give you all the answers here, but you definitely will get more when "In Absentia" airs on Friday, October 5 at 9pm on FOX.

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