'Fringe' Recap: Simon Says
'Fringe' Recap: Simon Says
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The end of Fringe season 4 is nearing and there is still so much to be done! Last week, the alternate Fringe Division mole was found out. Colonel Broyles was being blackmailed by public enemy number one, David Robert Jones. Now that both he and Nina Sharp are behind bars, where do we go from here?

In tonight's episode, guest starring Henry Ian Cusick, of Lost and Scandal, and Georgina Haig, things get even more serious than they already have been. No, really. Just take a look at the title sequence, showcasing words such as "Community" and "Individuality" and images reminiscent of 1984.. In the year 2036, the Fringe team and the Observers will come together in a monumental battle and by the looks of things, Walter might be stuck in a pretty sticky situation, literally.

"They came from the future." Starts a title sequence, rolling like that of Star Wars. It explains that the Observers came to watch, yet soon took over in 2015. The Fringe Division fought them, but were defeated. The "Natives" of the universe are at odds with the Observers and their "Loyalists" and apparently the tension is steadily building.

Boston 2036 - An agent enters an underground club where Observers are engaging in upscale fun. In a pretty dumb attempt to distract them, a Native starts an argument with an Observer captain. The guy spits on him and is attacked, bleeding from the head even. The agent comes up behind him to his rescue and the Observer spares them. They're tossed out of the club. The wounded man shows the agent something secretive in the back of his van and is immediately shot and killed. The shooter gets away. Once she knows she's in an area no one can see, she enters the van and uncovers a large block of amber. Inside of it lies Walter Bishop.

Our little blonde agent meets with her commander for coffee, meaning "coffee chews." She shows him what she's found -- Dr. Bishop in amber. "Well, I'll be a toe on a foot in the grave," he says. And there's more where this original Fringe team member came from.

Captain Wingmark meets with Broyles, who looks a bit ... tired for lack of a better word. It looks as though poor Broyles is still being worked by the bad guys. He's threatened to find a "suspect" and put a stop to the Native attacks on Observers, otherwise Wingmark will step in. When asked what the Observer did to get such a reputation, Wingmark replies, "I like animals." Weird.

The agents are desperately working to free Walter from the amber. Given a pretty awesome blasting gun and some words of caution, one good blow to the block of amber sends Walter flying from his cage. They introduce themselves as Agent Simon Foster and Agent Etta. Walter only really notices Etta's "pretty" looks and that he's rather hungry. "Do you have something to eat?"

Walter enjoys a licorice candy as Simon and Etta attempt to gain some sort of information from him. Unfortunately, it seems something has affected his memory. He immediately forgets who Etta is. Simon runs tests on him, hearing Walter refer to him as "Peter." He finds that there was significant brain damage after the blast of his time.

Etta recruits Nina Sharp who now has a full head of gray hair and sits in a wheelchair. She barks at her while in front of the Observers and apologizes, "I can't hide my thoughts from them like you can." Meeting Walter, she reintroduces herself. He stands to embrace her, yet is distracted and runs off to play like a young child. Nina proceeds in telling the agents that part of Walter's brain was removed. "I don't think he liked who he was becoming." They have quite a lot of work to do.

As Nina sits on the phone with her son, Walter tinkers with her mechanical arm. He fixes it in a matter of minutes. Traveling with Simon and Etta back to more familiar territory, namely the former home of Massive Dynamic, all three are stopped in the train terminal by a soldier, who has a number tattooed on his face. Walter's outburst of, "MONSTER!" to an Observer sets it off. Simon and Etta pretend that the crazy man is Etta's grandfather and they're taking him on a trip to a grave site. Their performances pay off and they arrive at their destination.

Broyles is alerted of someone entering the Massive Dynamic building. He immediately calls to speak with Captain Wingmark.

Simon hopes to return the removed parts of Walter's brain back to him. It's almost hard to watch as the agents administer pills to Walter, which make him tired. As he begins to pass out, he addresses Simon, remembering the classic memory game, "like Simon says." Soon, Walter is down for the count.

Simon and Etta sit and discuss 2015. Simon recalls his parents sending him away to school. He knows now that they were part of the resistance, wanting to keep him safe. They were killed. Etta's parents suffered the same fate. Walter groans and grunts to his feet. It's worked and he's ready to get down to business.

The Observers and their Loyalist officers have picked up on the agents' tracks. Guns are up and loaded. This might get ugly.

"They weren't all bad you know," says Walter. September tried helping them, but "what happened to him was unexpected." He told them that eventually the Observers poisoned the planet. Walter can build what they need, though. As Etta moves closer, asking for more information (she does this at the worst of times) Walter seems to be drawn into her, "You ..." he trails off. Suddenly, they know they're being followed and Walter places his hand on the wall, opening a secret door. They run off. Simon and Etta lose Walter and must backtrack. He's set up a booby trap. "I know where they are," Walter says of the others as they stand outside of a now exploding building.

They've found the lab, yet it's covered in amber. Simon confronts Etta, asking what that moment was about with Walter. She avoids the answer by laughing that "Walter is one fruitcake short of Christmas," and walks away.

Meanwhile, Broyles is further informed of Simon, Etta and her "grandfather" making moves. He orders that a tracker be put on Foster and that a team be assembled.

"In that case, a little more focus and a little less pontificating and we might have the job done by now," is Walter's reply to Simon's excitement over having someone prove to the world that there is still hope. The wand is then used against the amber and out pops a scared and confused Astrid. With that, the wand is broken. Simon tries to fix it. Walter and Astrid stand looking at a amber blocked William Bell (Leonard Nimoy.) He signals to Astrid to keep quiet. Etta notices that the devices locked to the amber are malfunctioning, they have to free the others now. Simon tells Etta to hit the button when he says, freeing their subject from the mold. She does as Simon says. Broyles enters the lab and walks by a now trapped Simon and picks up the licorice that he knows Walter cherishes.

Astrid is worried about leaving William Bell behind, "We need him don't we?" "You remember what he did to Olivia. Even you can't be that compassionate," he says. "We have everything we need."

Etta stands at the window of the train, looking outward, fingering the necklace she's been playing with all episode when Peter Bishop appears next to her. He voices his condolences about her friend Simon. "Do I know you?" she asks. He's been sealed away in amber for 20 years, there's no way he -- "Henrietta?" "Hi, Dad," she cries. Father and daughter embrace one another.

Only three more episodes left this season! Next week on Fringe, David Robert Jones is using cortexiphan subjects to help his movement towards creating a world ruled by him alone. Divisions from both sides of the bridge come together in what is sure to be only the beginning of a possible end to the world as they know it. Tune in Friday on Fox.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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