'Fringe' Recap: Side By Side
'Fringe' Recap: Side By Side
This week on Fringe, Lincoln and Peter remain in the other universe when an old enemy, known only to Peter, returns. Though I was a little skeptical about the changing of the timeline early in the season, I've sort of started to like it.

This episode seems to be the beginning of a real partnership between the two universes, as opposed to the mistrustful relationship they have had so far this season.

Enemy Mine

In the alternate universe, Lincoln is still in custody, and Colonel Broyles, who seems to be working with Jones, is about to attempt to dispose of him when Walternate shows up with Peter.

Fauxlivia and Agent Lee trace a phone call leading them to Jones, who created the new shape shifters and asks to be taken in to Fringe Division. Lincoln wants to stay in the alternate universe to help with the shape shifter investigation, but Peter has the information he needs and is ready to leave, until he sees Jones.

As Bad As Ever

Peter identifies Jones, telling Wanternate he crossed over from another universe, and asks to speak with him. In the interrogation room, Peter shocks Jones by knowing details about his past, since it seems Jones doesn't know who Peter is.

A woman calls Fringe Division asking for Broyles, Walternate and Jones to listen to her call, and sets off a gas canister in a hospital. Fringe Division listens as everyone in the hospital's ward dies. Waternate orders Jones' release, saying he doesn't want any more innocent deaths on their hands. Lincoln objects, but is relieved when Agent Lee says he's already gotten Jones to unknowingly ingest a tracker.

Escape Act

Fringe Division follows Jones to midtown Manhattan, where Jones tells a crowd of people he's giving out free money. Astrid reports that the tracker signal is multiplying and Peter figures out that Jones is somehow using the money to duplicate the signal.

Fauxlivia and the Lincolns lose Jones, but Colonel Broyles sees him and does nothing to stop him. Later at home, Walternate tells his wife, Elizabeth, that he isn't able to figure out how the machine can get Peter home, and he is afraid he can't help him, but Elizabeth thinks she can.

Through the Looking Glass

Peter looks through Astrid's data and figures out that Jones is searching for the mineral that William Bell used to create his battery, and that Jones may have figured out a way to weaponize it.

Through the data, Fringe Division is led to a quarry, where they believe Jones is going, but when they get there they don't find him. Peter figures out that they are looking in the wrong universe. On the other side, the shape shifters use the window portal to cross Jones over. Elizabeth also crosses over and visits Walter in hopes of persuading him to help Peter.

Together At Last

At the quarry, a shootout ensues and Olivia nearly follows Jones through the window portal, but stops just in time to not be cut in half by the closing portal. Later at the bridge facility, Walternate holds a meeting to unite the two universes' Fringe Divisions in the fight against Jones and the shape shifters.

When it seems to all that Jones is always one step ahead of them, Peter interjects and says he is a variable that Jones didn't count on, and with his help they can stop him. At home, Peter is surprised to find Walter knocking on his door. Walter tells Peter that he will help him get home.

Meanwhile, Jones communicates with someone via a computer in the manner that the typewriter had previously been used for the shape shifters to communicate between universes, and it's revealed that Nina Sharp is one the other end.

I'm pretty psyched to find out what happens next. From what has already happened, I think we can expect the return of The Watchers soon, which always makes things interesting.

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