'Fringe' Recap: Send Olivia Forget-Me-Nots
'Fringe' Recap: Send Olivia Forget-Me-Nots
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Could it get any worse? First she can't remember Peter, then she can and now she's forgetting everything else! Someone give Olivia a bone! Tonight on Fringe, things will only get more complicated as Olivia struggles to remember those she loves (well, except Peter). Plus, there's one other tiny thing. There are huge, mutated flying porcupines that are incredibly ugly roaming around.

You think I'm kidding? No, these things are gross. Picture Chewbacca from Star Wars, add in one of the evil gremlins and a bat... you're close. Anyways, let's get down to business.

Those of you who watched Fringe from the beginning may know more about this scene than those of us who just recently picked up on the show.

A dweeb of a man sits in his airplane seat, writing in a journal about something being "too good to be true." He gets a nose bleed and excuses himself to the lavatory after a little old lady proves to be quite nosy. He takes a swab of his saliva, mixes it into a vial and watches the color turn blood red. The man seems harmless, but he warns flight attendants to grab sedatives and be ready to keep him away from the passengers or else everyone will die!

This sounds serious. He re-enters the lavatory and the air marshal knocks on the door after hearing loud moaning. Personally, I was hoping for a crazy Jekyll & Hyde scene, but the same mousey man exits. Luckily, I get my wish once he reaches the airport terminal, though. As security checks his bags, he gets the nosebleed again and finds the nearest restroom. This time he transforms into a wild beast!

Olivia Dunham sits in a therapist's office, explaining her recent life. The therapist isn't much help, but starts poking around with questions about her sister Rachel. With as much enthusiasm as I have just writing about the therapist, Olivia discusses her sister and her life even though she hasn't seen her for some time.

Philip Broyles awaits Olivia in his office, looking very serious, as always. He informs her that 40 percent of the information she told the therapist is wrong. Looks like Agent Dunham is in danger of losing her job. Peter waits at home with the table set for dinner. Their romantic evening is cut short, though when he gets a call from Lincoln Lee. "At least one of us is still on the team."

Peter enters Walter Bishop's lab at Harvard U. Lincoln and Astrid Farnsworth both ask about Olivia while knowing she can't work with them until her condition levels out. Walter walks in with a box full of presents, "Happy birthday!" So cute! There's one for every year he missed. Peter hugs him, leaving Walter shell shocked for a while, even tears well up in his eyes! Peter lends his knowledge of a similar case of a flight disruption from "his timeline" and, of course, everything matches up.

At the terminal, Peter interrogates the now-deceased monster's sister who claims he hadn't been himself for awhile. His partner may be infected as well, so Peter gives Olivia a call for the guy's name, Daniel Hicks. You mean she remembers that, but not what she ate for breakfast? During the car ride over to Mr. Hicks' residence, Peter and Lincoln finally discuss the Olivia dilemma. In conclusion, Lincoln is dubbed "a good guy." This isn't the best thing you could say when you're dating the woman that the guy is obviously in love with, but it makes for good drama!

They pull up to the house to find Olivia on the front porch. Of course, you can't keep Olivia Dunham off a case! The house is dark and a wreck. Lincoln mentions how things are still "weird" to Olivia who doesn't remember a word of their late night meeting at the diner. Out of the corner of a room, jumps a giant, angry porcupine. It attacks Lincoln, Olivia shoots it and it falls down dead.

Lincoln is being stitched up by Walter as Astrid walks in offering information that proves that what happened in Peter's timeline isn't happening quite the same in this timeline. The over-sized porcupine that lies on the table has a Sumerian tattoo, though. So Peter and Olivia head over to a bookstore to get the shop-owner, Ed, to decipher the symbol. The guy really tries to hit on Olivia, but she is not having it. I love how Peter stands there and just lets it happen because this guy is getting NOWHERE!

Back at the lab, Walter invites Lincoln to help him devour a mountain of peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. He turns the offer down, but is told he may be infected now. Peter and Olivia learn about Sumerian gods and their followers who wanted to create this "new world."

A woman comes home and goes about her normal routine when a large being can be seen moving in the shadows. "Baby, you're hurt," she says and proceeds to inject him with more chemicals. "Just think how great you'll be." That's true love.

Lincoln sits nervously watching Walter, wondering if he actually is infected. Walter sits watching his "family" as he puts it. A palindrome is found on a file, so Peter and Olivia visit Nina Sharp to see who had access to the file - David Robert Jones. This guy is everywhere! Nina is fully aware that Olivia shouldn't be out in the field, by the way. Back at the lab, Lincoln is now inhaling the bacon from the peanut butter sandwiches. Walter figures that Lincoln is hungry for fat, human fat. He calls Peter and Olivia back to the lab and explains that the beasts eat human fat that must be intercepted by plastic surgery clinics. How do they get around without being seen? Well, Mr. Hicks jumps off of a tall building while holding his wife and flies off into the sky.

The team figures out that their monster has evolved, using wings to get around town. Astrid gives the location of a highrise plastic surgery facility. Olivia calls Broyles for backup and Peter and Lincoln head over to investigate. Using night vision, they cover the area. Walter exits his bathroom, holding a dirty magazine meant for Peter for his 16th birthday. He heads over to the game of chess left by Lincoln and starts reciting moves out loud. This gives Olivia the idea that light will help bring the monster out of hiding. She calls Peter.

Before Peter can get the word to Lincoln, he's tossed into a wall by the flying porcupine. The lights come up in time for Lincoln to shoot the monster. Unfortunately, his lover jumps on Lincoln with a scalpel. Thankfully, Peter comes in and shoots her. Both lie wounded and moaning on the floor. Once again, true love.

Walter enjoys opening the gifts he's long ago wrapped for his son while the team gathers to discuss the details of the case. David Jones is behind it all. Broyles enters and pulls Olivia
aside for a talk about her being in the middle of things when she was supposed to be off duty. She apologizes for nothing because the boss makes it certain that he wants her on the team. A Fringe Division without Agent Dunham would not be the same.

The first mutated man's sister now sits down with her lover who is scared out of his mind after seeing what's happened to the others. I knew she couldn't be trusted! She had shifty eyes! She convinces him, though, that they could be together in the "new world." With that she injects the chemical into his bloodstream. More mutated beasts wait, locked up in a cell. A man makes his way from the cell and down an aisle of various other creatures. One looks like a large tarantula (GROSS!!!), another resembles a jellyfish. He ascends stairs, seals off a steal door, sporting the Sumerian symbols. It's a cargo ship, but where is it headed?

Next week on Fringe, we might be losing someone! Say it ain't so! Lincoln must jump over to the alternate universe to help that Fringe Division figure out what in the worlds David Robert Jones is up to with his shape-shifter minions. Tune in next Friday night on Fox at 9/8c.

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