'Fringe' Recap: Love is the Answer
'Fringe' Recap: Love is the Answer
Matt Click
Matt Click
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Peter is getting closer to joining the anti-Human League, losing his emotional standing as his intellect begins to eat the rest of his brain, and Walter finally figures out how the "tech" works.

This is one of the gushiest Fringe's you'll ever see - and there was an expectation throughout that a choir of angels would alight on some damaged plain and start singing "All You Need Is Love" while a montage of happy Peter-Olivia moments played across the screen, sending us all into weep-ravaged sleeps (the montage was there but the angels never showed up).

Olivia Gets Her Own Tech

Olivia is sitting in a running car in a dark, wet alley, waiting for something. She watches as men wash away RESIST signs so that the Observers' posters are visible instead. Suddenly, Daniel hops in the car. He apologizes to Olivia for taking so long and hands her a dirty towel wrapped around an instrument. As he unfolds it in her hand, she can see. "Is this what Peter used?" Olivia asks. Daniel says yes. At the base of his cranium, that is where Peter inserted the "tech."

The tech that Daniel gives Olivia comes, he says, from one of his men, now dead. He begs Olivia to give it to Dr. Bishop and, if Walter is able to figure out how it works, to let Daniel in on the process. Olivia says yes, Daniel hops out into the cold night and she is left with what looks like an eyeglass screwdricer, a long tip on a short blocky eraser of sorts.

Planning Windmark's Death Scene

Meanwhile, Peter is working furiously at his board, writing out a series of events that follow Windmark's every move but we don't know when this is going to happen. It is clear that he is using his newfound intellectual skills to make incisive plans to kill Windmark, whom he blames for Etta's death.

The Anti-Human League

Peter is now seeing almost everything in the blue - he has now managed to go far enough that he speaks in a robotic monotone, even to Olivia and to his father, as if he were the star of some self-important Scifi film (Fringe never seems self- important so this is why it's so jarring). He is keeping an eye on the Observers, having already blown some up quite horribly the week before when the great briefcase switch took the Resis work to the next level. And his showdown with Windmark has been determined, each dangerous minute of it. But is all this mind- bending mind usage going to save the world?

In the meantime, Walter and Astrid are back at the lab, using the tech from Olivia to observe in a fresh brain. As it rolls around in their super-MRI machine, the cerebral cortex begins to grow over any other part of the functioning organ. It is clear that this is how the tech works, pushing aside human emotions to make way for superhuman intellectual growth, As amazed as they are, it occurs to Walter that he is very close to losing Peter altogether, as is Olivia. If Peter continues to use the tech, he will lose his emotional side completely.

Daddy, I'm Not Giving Up

Olivia is sent forward to a sad commune in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, which looks more like a set from Godspell, filled with rusty automobiles and greasy-haired guys hanging around piles of tires and other rubbish. While Olivia is off to retrieve a truck with a giant magnet on it, Peter returns to his father.

Against Walter's heartfelt pleas about losing emotional engagement in his life, Peter remarks that he is going to make sure that Windmark gets his and the only way to do that is to continue to allow the tech to give him the special skills he needs to carry out his mission. Peter claims the tech makes the Observers better in math than humans are - and it's that intellectual superiority that is going to give their malefeasance its growing power.

The Oracle and the Giant Magnet

Olivia makes it to the dumpy commune, where she is confronted by a Dave Grohl lookalike who goes off to fetch songstress Jill Scott, playing a beautiful Oracle who knows why Olivia is there. They can see Olivia as a hologram inside their office. The Oracle goes to meet her and tells Olivia that she has been waiting to give her the truck and magnet for many years and that, as soon as diesel fuel arrives, it is all hers.

The Oracle seems truly pleased to see Olivia but, when she runs to get Olivia a drink while she waits, a young child, a girl with dark hair (who looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie with her sharp bangs and preternatural social grace), makes conversation with her. Eventually she spills that the people in the place are keeping a sharp eye on Olivia and that they know that she is a wanted criminal.

Jill Scott arrives just as Darby is called away and gives Olivia a largish container of water. "What's in it? A sedative?" Olivia asks. Jill Scott feigns misunderstanding - and drinks the water herself to prove that everything is okay.

The Oracle tells Olivia that she knows she is in pain from a loss and that her daughter is still with her. Olivia spends a long thoughtful pause leaning over the magnet truck before thanking the Oracle for her help. She is teary but determined to move on.

She manages to get the truck started and gets out of there, Jill Scott waving in a friendly fashion.

Peter and Windmark

Peter has a face-to-face Matrix-like showdown with Windmark, in which they both acknowledcge what Peter is doing, both in terms of using a tech and tracking Windmark's every move. They whoosh around, stabbing at each other and disappearing and reappearing so that you aren't quite sure what is happening exactly.

Windmark shows Peter what Etta's last thoughts were - they were of her parents the day they were in the park together.

When all is said and done, Peter has killed an Observer who has injured Peter but he escapes back to the lab for the final showdown with Windmark, who is still moving forward on his trajectory just as Peter had laid it out on his board.

The Baby Doll Accident

Olivia ends up running into what looks like a car accident in which a child with blond hair has been injured, thrown from one of the vehicles. As she turns it around, she sees that it is a dummy. Out of the bushes step two guys who ask her what she has for them - she says she has nothing on her, no money, nothing they would want. They pass a scanner over her and see that she is wanted. "You are money," they tell her, not meaning to steal lines from Swingers. After a tussle, they get her to their lair and toss her in a cell alone.

Escape for Olivia

Since most places in Fringe look like auto body shops, this new place is no exception and Olivia uses what tools and items there are in the area to break free from her rope bonds and set a fire to bring the kdinappers running into the room. Once there, she sets off her Rube Goldberg machine to shoot into her attacker's head the single bullet she had been wearing on a string. She knows that Etta has been giving her some divine intervention and she takes the bullet out of the door after it had passed the mean guy's head and puts it in her pocket.

Olivia gets a call from Walter as she gets ready to leave. She brushes off his comments about the cuts on her face and is relieved to hear that Peter is with him. She rushes out.

Love Is All Around

Olivia gets back in time to find Peter hunched at the top of the lab, waiting for Windmark to walk past the fountain below at the predetermined time - Peter has a knife and is waiting to take him down.

Olivia tells Peter about the Oracle and that Etta is still with them. If Peter continues to allow the tech to take over his brain, it will be like Etta died all over again for Olivia. She says that the love their child had for them, which Peter saw, is with them and no one can take that away. They share a poignant montage of themselves, in love and with Etta.

Suddenly, as Windmark starts to walk past the fountain, Peter pulls out his knife. Assuming he was just going to follow through on his self-appointed mission, Fringe watchers sighed. Olivia gave one of her elegantly misery-stricken looks and . . .

. As the pain floods into his face, Peter moans, falls forward into Olivia's arms and she tells him, "I love you."

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