'Fringe' Recap: Answers Revealed, A Sacrifice is Made
'Fringe' Recap: Answers Revealed, A Sacrifice is Made
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Walter and Olivia try to figure out what's going on with the Observer boy, Michael. Walter wants to pump him up with drugs of various types in order to find out what he knows. "Who is Donald? Where is he?" Walter is freaking out about finding Donald. The boy remains silent, bald and sleepy-looking. Olivia said the boy used to communicate ideas to her and now he just can't.

Nina gets a call from Olivia about the boy. Nemesis Blonde is watching and Nina says "It's not safe for me to talk here." She leaves and Observers walk into her office, right past the blonde. Windmark interrogates Blondie about the phone call Nina just had and one of the Observers disappears in order to investigate. Ministry of Science is the suspect for helping Walter and his band of merry pranksters.

Nina's office suddenly becomes a crime scene. The Observers test for fingerprints, check her phone calls and manage to pick up a distorted version of her phone call to Olivia.

Lunch on the Town

Nina scoots her little scooter off to meet the fugitives; she wants to see the boy, who is dressed like the Unabomber. She wants to take him to a black lab. Peter explains about the acid and the vacillation of the Walters. It's confusing to him, seeing someone he doesn't recognize. He tells Nina about the plan to remove Walter's brain and expresses sadness about what could happen to him. If the plan doesn't work out, Walter will lose his battle with his wits anyway.

The madcap team wanders into the lab -- it is big and clean and inhabited by Observers in chambers, like a set leftover from COMA.

Peter and Olivia talk about the RESIS posters and how hard it is to see Etta's face. They move into the lab so that they can try to contact the brain of the Observer Child, using an "ECOG" which interprets the Observers' thoughts into words humans can understand.

Windmark Investigation Services

Windmark can't find Nina and he's getting upset. He declares Nina as a traitor working for the resistance. The lab-coat says no, he has no knowledge of where she is. Windmark believes him but I don't believe Windmark.

Michael meanwhile has on the halo and Olivia explains this is only a test. Olivia begins asking him questions but the software on the human's machines can't interpret Michael's thoughts. Whatever allowed us to communicate before is no longer viable, Walter says.

Empathy Front

Nina thinks that his empathy with Olivia in the past helped to get his thoughts out, but now maybe he needs to get into the humans' minds in order to find a connection between the conscious minds.

Hastings Regrets to Inform You...

Lab-helper Hastings is getting a phone call but he doesn't answer. Astrid is called instead to help them break the security lock.

Meanwhile, Hastings is getting his. He reminds the Observers that he is a doctor. Windmark refers to him as such as Astrid talks Peter through a MacGyver move to blow open a lock.

Dr. Hastings, meanwhile, is being asked about the ECOG. Does he know that someone has one? Hastings is restrained because Windmark thinks he's lying. "Dismiss the rest." All but Hastings are dismissed.

Compromised Positions

As Peter looks for information, Hastings is accused of admiring Dr. Bishop. "I admire him," he says, shakily. "Where is Nina Sharp now? Where are the fugitives?" Windmark asks. Hastings doesn't know and freaks out.

Olivia tells Nina she has been compromised and Nina says, "It's okay. I have to go now." The pranksters walk in on Hastings and shoot some guards. What does Windmark know? Walter asks. They know where Nina is, he admits.

Nina returns to Michael. "Everything's gonna be fine," she cries. Michael approaches her, holding his hand to her face. Sparks fly between them -- she turns her attention to the security cameras. Windmark has arrived. Nina insists that Michael come with her.

Meanwhile the pranksters ditch the car at a checkpoint and steal a van instead to get home.

Back at the lab, Windmark apparates with his guards into the warehouse. "Find them," he instructs and the forces spread out to find Michael. Immediately, Windmark finds Nina. "You're too late. They are long gone," she tells him and he asks what about them appeals to her. She is trying to block her thoughts to him but he says it won't last. The guards uncover the equipment and Windmark peers at the COMA people. "You . . . animals," he declares to Nina. Taking off his hat and closing his eyes, he reads Nina's thoughts about Michael.

Windmark wants to know about the Child Observer, who is important to the fugitives. He wants to know his purpose. "Why does a child worry you so much?" Nina asks. Windmark says she is mistaken -- he's not a child and he's a chromosomal mistake, an "anomaly," scheduled to have been destroyed but he went missing. Windmark declares that they have been looking for him for ages. Nina tries not to let him know where Michael is.

"I will have to resort to a deeper extraction," he says. Nina faces him down, unfrightened. She talks about why the Observers move their head like lizards -- to improve their hearing ability. Like lizards, Observers form no bonds. 'Incapable of dreaming, contemplating beauty, of knowing something greater than themselves," she says. They redeveloped primitive instincts that humans have evolved beyond so the Observers are the "animals."

Windmark doesn't much appreciate that kind of talk and asks his goons to restrain her. As Nina is handcuffed, she grabs a guard's gun. "You cannot hurt me with that," Windmark says. "I know," Nina says and turns the gun on herself.

The Pranksters enter, guns raised, acting like the fugitives they are. They find Nina, visually represented by glasses in a pool of blood, very Season of Glass. Walter runs to her. He is devastated. Olivia covers her up as Walter drops her gloved hand. Olivia and Peter are shaken as well but Walter is bearing the brunt of the sorrow at her passing.

"They've got the boy," Walter says. Replaying the moment between Michael and Nina, they leave the screen and then Nina returns without Michael. "She stopped Windmark from reading her," Peter said. "To protect the plan." Olivia realizes, then finds Michael hidden under one of the pod people's platforms. Michael immediately goes to Nina and cries a single tear. "He's crying," Walter announces, in case we hadn't noticed.

Back home, Walter is hooked up to the halo for the ECOG. He sends his thoughts to Michael, who is also hooked up. They discuss Donald and Michael and Walter's first meetings. 'Do you know why I needed you for my plan?" Walter asks. Michael then removes his halo and steps off the chair. He moves to Walter and puts his hand on Walter's face. Walter sees a montage of scenes, between him and Nina and the boy. 'He has to live," Windmark says. in the flashback.

Walter realizes that Donald is September.