'Fringe' Recap: A Stitch in Time
'Fringe' Recap: A Stitch in Time
This week on Fringe, Peter tries to find Olivia, while Broyles and Lincoln interrogate Nina Sharp in an attempt to find out why Olivia was being given Cortexifan. Meanwhile, the origin of the Observers is finally revealed.


After Olivia's abduction, Peter and Lincoln search her apartment and find a camera hidden in a smoke detector, while Olivia and Nina are being held by Jones, who tortures Nina to get an emotional response from Olivia, hoping to activate her power. A group of Observers meet, and discuss September, wondering where he is and why he didn't do what he was told and erase all evidence of Peter in this timeline. Broyles questions the Nina Sharp who has been at Massive Dynamic while the other was being held captive. She claims she doesn't know where Olivia is.


Jones tries to get Olivia to activate the light box (similar to the one Jones tried to make her activate in season one), but she claims she's tired and needs rest. Peter theorizes that Jones is behind Nina's involvement in drugging Olivia, and is trying to activate Olivia's powers. September appears, bleeding from a bullet wound, and confirms that Jones is responsible before passing out. Olivia tells Nina that, because of the Cortexifan, she doesn't remember certain aspects of their life together, thus can't generate the emotional response needed to activate her power. Nina tells her a story to try to get to remember, but Olivia tells Nina that the only person she has ever been able to activate her power with is Peter. Nina collapses in pain and is taken out of the room, where she tells Jones everything, indicating they are working together.


After Walter and Peter operate on September, Peter asks Walter to help him share consciousness with September hoping he can lead them to Olivia. In September's mind, Peter speaks with September, reveals that the Observers are scientists from one possible future of humans. September tells Peter that Walter seeing him in the lab, the night he was creating the cure that would save Peter's life as a boy, set off a chain of events that resulted in the birth of Peter's son, Henry, to the wrong Olivia. September's mental construct begins to be attacked and he tells Peter that to find Olivia he needs to go home. Peter wakes up and September disappears.


Peter thinks September was being literal about him going home, not to his own universe, but to his house. At his house, Jones's thugs take Peter and use him to provoke an emotional response from Oliva. Olivia is able to activate the light box, then begins to blow out the lights in the room, electrocuting one of Jones's men. As Olivia and Peter escape, Olivia has a seizure. After recovering, she shoots Jones, but the bullet has no effect on him, a benefit, he claims, of having his body reassembled on an atomic level. Jones and Nina escape through a portal. Later, Peter tells Olivia that she's not his Olivia and that he needs to get home to find her.

So after four seasons, we finally know who the Observers are ... sort of. I feel like there are still a few questions regarding them, but I guess if we got all the answers at once, the show wouldn't be very interesting, would it? Fringe returns in four weeks, with more questions about September being answered and more weirdness, I'm sure. I can't wait.

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