'Fringe' Recap: A Bullet for Olivia
'Fringe' Recap: A Bullet for Olivia
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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The time has come. We have been warned by the Observers, invited into the future to see the outcome and reintroduced to characters of the past. All of this has lead up to tonight, the season four finale of Fringe.

Last week, William Bell was revealed as the mastermind behind the evil plot to destroy both universes and create an all new one under his control. David Robert Jones was sacrificed for the "greater" good and Astrid may be the next casualty. Tonight, the battle will come to an end as the Fringe Division works to prevent a catastrophic event from taking the lives of many.

Walter Bishop and William Bell stand side by side overlooking what seems to be the real Jurassic Park. The hologram dissolves and they're standing in Bell's office. He compares his creation to that of God's, setting a small contraption down on his desk.

Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop enter the Harvard lab, looking for the old man. Olivia tries Astrid's cell phone and gets her voice mail. They don't look to be too concerned just yet, heading for the coffee machine. Peter's arm is in a sling, so Olivia helps him. He would like for Walter to run more tests on her, though. Suddenly she receives a phone call from Jessica Holt, Walter's guinea pig from the nan-nite incident, who claims that someone is following her. It's September, standing in her apartment. As he moves towards her, he is stopped on a strange marking in the floor without the ability to free himself.

In Quincy, Massachusetts, Olivia and Peter pay Jessica a visit. They enter the home to find her purse still on the table. But it looks like the flooring where September once stood has now been removed. Broyles calls Olivia and reports that Astrid is in stable condition from a gunshot wound. Walter is still nowhere to be found.

In the hospital, Peter, Olivia and Broyles talk to a very shaken up Astrid. Someone went through a lot of trouble to keep their whereabouts a mystery, moving Astrid to another location to be found. She recalls the warehouse and that there were strange animals. "Be careful," she warns Olivia and Peter who make their way to investigate.

At the warehouse, they find September. "I am not here of my own volition," he says. Jessica appears, holding a gun and threatening to drop weapons in order to see Walter again. It was pretty obvious that this one was working for the dark side. September was the bait. Jessica delivers three shots to September which he catches, with a new gun invented by Bell. September is wounded. Olivia is becoming more and more upset. At the fire of three more superior shots, Olivia catches them, saving September. When she releases her grasp, the bullets repel back to Jessica. She drops to the ground.

Peter takes a board and scrapes off part of the symbol, holding September to the floor and he falls to his knees. Olivia then brings up the fact that she's seen this wound before, when he warns of her death. "It has not yet happened for me," he says. "I hope that I get back to you in time," September continues before walking off and disappearing into thin air.

Peter and Olivia carry Jessica back to the lab and begin running tests. Nina Sharp is called in. She administers what looks like staples into the woman's head, with a futuristic looking gun then sits to talk with Olivia. They discuss what Bell must be up to, using Jessica against Olivia. "He needs something from you," concludes Nina.

"God made us in His image. Therefore if we are capable to be gods, then we must do so," says Bell to Walter. During their past together at St. Claire's, the parts of Walter's brain were removed in order to "put the Genie back in the bottle," as Bell puts it. Yet, he has now come to believe that Walter was right all along in his cortexiphan experimentation days.

With a flip of a switch, Jessica is turned into a modern day Frankenstein, generating all the power in the room to keep her alive long enough to give them the information they need. It's like something from a really good 80s horror movie. Her eyes can't stay open and her voice is morphed as she talks in riddles. Peter understands that William is on a boat, but when asked about his plan to collapse both universes she only mentions an "energy source." Olivia gets frustrated and grabs Jessica and she dies for good this time. Nina grabs an energy reader and finds that Olivia's levels are incredible. That's the answer, Olivia is the key to William Bell's universal collapse; she is the energy source.

At the Boston Federal Building, Nina relays to Broyles how Jessica's zombie state gave them a chance to decipher the wherabouts of the enemy. He'll be sitting at the calm of the storm as the universes begin to collapse around him. Olivia sits on the sidelines, scared. Peter follows her to a nearby office and ensures her that she is not alone in this fight against Bell.

Back on William's boat, he beckons Walter to the window. Thanks to Olivia's energy, the boat sits in the calm center of a large and intimidating electrical storm.

Broyles is given the exact coordinates of William and Walter's location. The team hops into helicopters to interject. While Walter attempts to stop William from doing this, Peter looks to be the only individual who can see the boat from up above. Nina suggests that the overlapping of the universes is causing the boat's inability to be seen. So Peter and Olivia unhook their seat belts, hold hands and jump. Luckily for all, they land on the unseen ship.

Walter fiddles with a handgun found in a case in William's office when Peter and Olivia burst through the door. Peter hurriedly runs over to William, pointing his gun straight at his chest. William explains that he had not planned a world with humans, yet Peter and Olivia will be "the Adam and Eve." He can go ahead and pull the trigger, yet his plan is inevitable. Olivia is the life force behind everything. Every breath she takes strengthens what is bound to happen. A bullet is released, yet William is not the one who receives it. Walter whispers, "Forgive me," and shoots Olivia in the forehead. She falls dead. William sounds a small bell and disappears.

Peter is a crying mess, holding Olivia's lifeless body. Walter slaps him back into sanity, trying to move quickly in order to revive her with life. She is moved to the table where Walter probes the back of her neck, looking to retrieve the bullet. He pushes the bullet out of her head from the entrance wound and waits for her revival. "It worked," he sobs as Olivia's wound heals and she moves as if getting comfortable during sleep.

Broyles sits at the capital building as he is appointed to General Broyles. There is now a fully-funded Science Division where the General gives Nina a job.

Walter and Peter sit at the hospital, waiting for word on Olivia. Walter suggests that Olivia will be pretty normal now. As Astrid walks out to inquire about her friend, the doctor lets them know that Olivia is ready to go home. Astrid and Walter share licorice candies.

Peter and Olivia share another romantic moment as he agrees that September must have been right, she did have to die, yet he never wants to lose her again. They embrace once another, but Olivia still has something on her mind. "Peter," she starts, "I'm pregnant." Joined by an onlooking Astrid and Walter, the two share a genuinely happy moment, finally!

Back at his lab, Walter is happily making a sandwich when he looks up and sees September standing before him. "We have to warn the others," he says. "They are coming." Walter looks confused and asks, "Who is coming?"

That's a wrap, folks! Olivia is killed, yet still lives to see another day and bring a baby into the world. Now that that mystery can be put to rest, we seem to have new worries. Who is September speaking of? What could possibly happen next? We'll have to wait and see when Fringe returns next season for its fifth and final season. Until then, farewell!

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Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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