'Fringe' Recap: The Family Man
'Fringe' Recap: The Family Man
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Friday the 13th brings us an all new Fringe episode! Forget the overdone horror films hitting the box office and grab that familiar spot on your couch to welcome the Fringe Division into your home once again!

Last week, Agent Lincoln Lee decided to remain on the dark side of the universal divide, sticking around in the alternate world to help Fauxlivia after her partner had been killed. Tonight, Walter Bishop will join Lee and the alternates in hopes to uncover the details of an event that will effect both worlds. Plus, stay tuned for another appearance of David Robert Jones and his shapeshifter madness!

It's a sad day in both universes as alternate Agent Lee is laid to rest. Lincoln and Alternate Astrid Farnsworth look on from a nearby car. "I don't like funerals," she says, "I never know what I'm supposed to say." Fauxlivia ensures Lee's parents that they will do everything the can to find Agent Lee's killer. Broyles looks on intently.

Back in Manhattan, Fauxlivia confronts the imprisoned Nina Sharp. There is a chance of a reduced sentence in exchange for information on who David Robert Jones has planted within the Division as his mole. Nina keeps her mouth shut until she warns her that "things are going to get much worse."

Now jump to our Manhattan. A business meeting is being held inside of a fancy skyscraper. The boss is giving another employee quite the hard time. Suddenly, just like Nightmare on Elm Street, he levitates to the ceiling, stuck and yelling like a scared child. And just as quickly as he was lifted up, he falls back down onto the desk. Looking at how his legs are broken and he's bleeding profusely, the guy is dead.

Walter and Astrid escape Astrid's apparent wild driving and meet up with Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham. Walter boasts of his "son and his girlfriend" before they all walk into the crime scene. Lacerations are found on the dead bodies. Peter suspects that such wounds could have been caused by seat belts. Yet no one was in any sort of vehicle at the time. Olivia announces that another man died of the same occurrence and was a pilot. It's as if they were all killed in a plane crash. Walter glances off at a TV screen, looking at his reflection, and mumbles, "I have an idea."

Alternate Astrid informs Alternate Philip Broyles of the incidents seen in our world. Fauxlivia enters to ask for surveillance in the Division to scope out the mole. Broyles gives her a hard time, as suspected, but he says he'll think about it. Meanwhile, she's to work with the other force on these recent crimes.

Walter is accompanied by Olivia on his way across the bridge. Once inside, they meet Lincoln and Fauxlivia. Fauxlivia and Walter move on, giving time for the former partners to speak. "Take car of Walter," she tells him. So the three of them make their way along the bridge, talking about the possibility of Jones being at the helm of all the chaos. It should just be known that every little thing that happens on either side of the bridge from this point on is Jones' fault. Cat stuck in a tree? Blame Jones.

In the lab, Walter produces a severed hand from the victims of his side. As Lincoln cringes behind him, Walter proves that his victims have somehow been synced up with the victims of the alternate universe, linking doppelgangers. Something has merged the two universes and derailed the aircraft in which these individuals were killed.

Jones sits on a bench, drinking hot tea (how pleasant) when another gentleman sits beside him. He informs Jones that the plane experiment went as expected. "Do you have a preference for this next one?" he asks his boss. "Surprise me," says Jones.

Alternate Broyles comes home to his wife, asking him about their son, Christopher. It turns out she and Christopher have been entertaining his "friend." Jones sits in the living room with the young boy. In a separate meeting between the two, Jones seems to know very personal information about Christopher and a handicap that he overcomes thanks to medication that he supplies. Of course, Broyles will do anything to keep his family safe. I'm sure this visit keeps all of that in check.

Jones' accomplice from the bench sits in the back of a taxi. He leans over and plants some sort of booby trap before a woman now appears in his spot. She has flashbacks or visions as the taxi is suddenly jolted around. As the "turbulence" gets more and more severe, we see the woman now in a store, paying for items. She's thrown backwards across the floor and regurgitates fluids.

Okay, let's make sense of this. On one side of the universal bridge, the taxi flew over the bridge and plunged into the river, killing the woman. In the alternate world, Nancy Gering died in the general store. Get it? Got it? Good!

The Astrids sit in an office on either side of each other communicating to their respective teams. In the taxi, Peter finds a case carrying amphillisite. You know what that means! Clones!

Walter, Fauxlivia and Lincoln stand in Alternate Broyles office. It's obvious that all the stress is getting to Walter who agrees to stay the night with Fauxlivia. She and Lincoln leave. He proceeds to apologize for snapping at Broyles and explains that these uncooperative conditions are because of his crossing over so many years ago.When asked if he would do it over again, Walter says "I don't know that I'd do anything differently" because he's gotten to know his grown son.

David Robert Jones meets up with Broyles, handing over a tiny box. He's instructed to go to Liberty Island and connect it to a machine. "You do know that that machine is healing our two worlds," replies Broyles. Of course he does. "Need I remind you who I am healing," he challenges back. With that, Jones walks away.

Broyles administers the medicine supplied by Jones to his son while hearing about all the wonderful things that happened to him at school today. How can he not go above and beyond for his child?

At Fauxlivia's, Walter skips through the room in a woman's robe. A drunken Fauxlivia spots him sneaking off to the bathroom. She's been sitting up, looking into the details of Alternate Lee's death and the Fringe Division mole. Walter offers to help her feel a little better. Now he stands in front of the stove, cooking eggs with an apron over his sparkly, satin robe. While eating, the two discuss possible moles. Broyles's name pops up.

Fauxlivia visits Nina once more, telling her that they have Broyles in custody. She completely blows his cover by explaining that "Philip's just another pawn." Astrid informs Fauxlivia and Lincoln that Broyles hasn't checked in today.

Broyles is now making his way to Liberty Island, box in hand.

Broyles looks anxious and scared as he makes his way through security. The Fringe Division is keeping track on him. He moves from checkpoint to checkpoint now with Fauxlivia and Lincoln on his tracks. They find both commanders at the bridge. "Colonel Broyles has just turned himself in. He told us everything."

Walter leaves back to his universe. Fauxlivia is surprised to see Lincoln remains, but I think she's secretly happy about it.

Broyles is taken into custody, a few doors down from Nina. So what will happen to Christopher now?!

Back in our world, Peter and Olivia hurry into the lab to meet Walter. He knows what Jones is up to. Apparently, had Broyles connected the box to the machine, both universes would collapse.

So if David Robert Jones succeeds, in what universe will he reside? Perhaps the questions will be answered on next week's Fringe when we skip forward to the year 2036. The Fringe Division meets up with future Observers next Friday on Fox.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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