Fringe: Previewing Season 2 Winter Finale "Jacksonville"
Fringe: Previewing Season 2 Winter Finale "Jacksonville"
The last two episodes of Fringe have been rockin', haven't they? Two weeks ago, we've had Walter vowing not to let Peter die "a second time" in a very intense hour full of personal stakes and surprising moments between characters. Last week, it was the Bishops together again--well, not exactly together, as Walter refuses to accepts Peter's apology for selling his father's old books. It's all a slow but interest build towards what promises to be a very cool winter finale--and that finale is tonight.

(But, first, I have to mention that Walter killing that dude with his own invention last week was very gruesome in an unlikely way. I mean, it's Walter, the guy who usually gets lost and dribbles on off topic!)

This season so far as explores quite a lot of possibilities: the impending war between universes, the role the Observers play in it, and all the other odd things these do on our side of the world. Lately we've had more standalone episodes, but now we're heading back to the idea of alternate universes and people from both sides messing with each other. Perhaps the most interesting bit tonight: we might see Olivia's past. The episode's title suggests so. "Jacksonville".

Tonight, the team investigates the case of an office building in Manhattan literally being rattled to its core, leaving everybody dead--all but one. That one person isn't from this world either. (Alternate universe? Most likely.)

And, like last week, Walter will discover that their case has a connection to something he discovered way back. With the collision of two worlds at stake--and its disastrous consequences close to inevitable--the focus goes on Olivia, whose past holds the key to averting a potential crisis. Thus, we go to Jacksonville.

Fringe will be off the air for a couple of months or so, so better make the most of tonight. The winter finale airs tonight from 9pm on Fox.

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