Fringe: Previewing Season 2 Premiere "A New Day In The Old Town"
Fringe: Previewing Season 2 Premiere "A New Day In The Old Town"
We left Fringe in a pretty curious situation: Olivia finds herself meeting William Bell, right inside the World Trade Center--in other words, smack in the middle of an alternate universe, the same one where Walter is presumed to have plucked Peter out of.  Of course, that means questions.  How the heck?  Why the heck?  That sort of stuff.

Tonight, the series returns with, hopefully, answers to those questions.  We already know that Olivia will be back to this reality, and that something bad will happen to her upon her return, judging from all those clips of her being rushed to the hospital, not to mention that slightly tender moment between her and Peter.

Well, two things: Peter has to find out more details about Livy's trip to that other reality, and Walter gets back to rediscovering what exactly he did to get there, too.  And I think I have answers, too.

Remember the first batch of photos from tonight's premiere that I posted?  Walter's investigating a car crash (as you can see in the photo up there) with nary an explanation as to what it is.  And Livy's nowhere to be seen, either.  Now, I've got possible spoilers, but here they are anyway--the answer to where the heck Livy has been: on the other end of the car crash.

No, Livy isn't going to die.  She'll be doing just fine, or else Fringe is better off being called Bishops.

I think that sets everything up, then.  Fringe returns tonight from 9pm on Fox.  Time to get all fringe-y on the world, again.  What will they all get up to in the next months?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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